Yarn from old newspapers by Greetje van Tiem



More from the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show: Greetje van Tiem, a graduate from the academy's Man and Leisure department, presents a project that turns old newspapers into yarn that can be woven into carpets, curtains and upholstery.


Van Tiem says she can make twenty yards of yarn from each newspaper page. She calls the project Indruk.


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Here's some text from van Tiem:


Today's news, tomorrow's textile. The front page of a newspaper yields no less than twenty metres of yarn, making it possible to transpose yesterday's news into tangible memories which can be transformed into all kinds of upholstery.


When you look closely you can see letters, a part of the date and colour schemes appear from a photo. You are not able to read the newspaper anymore, but the memory will be kept alive.





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  • Beautiful! I’ve made baskets out of used magazines and newspaper, and they are surprisingly durable. I am excited to see the newspaper yarn in action.

  • kai

    When I was very young, we spun crepe paper in school. I distinctly remember using a hand mixer. One end was tied off to the spinny bit and the other was held by another person on the other side of the room. We used glue to make them into coil bowls. It seems like for hand spinning the joins between sheets would be tricky unless it was plied…

  • mickey

    Please tell me how to make!!!! That is SO coool!!!!! Email a link or something please!


  • I am a knitter and a crocheter and I see this idea for the first time in my life. This is great and interesting and I would like to learn how to do this.

  • nice fabric

  • Damon

    That's quite a lot of Elmer's Glue. Love the rug though!