Instant Allotment by Louise Campbell


Louise Campbell's website shows Instant Allotment, a portable fabric structure that allows you to set up an allotment wherever you are.

Campbell, who came up with the idea last year but has only recently published the pictures, claims the project eliminates the hassle and cost of maintaining a traditional allotment.

Here's a bit of text from Campbell:


We all deserve our very own allotment, but they no longer come cheap. Therefore, this is an optimistic alternative. It is lightweight, always in bloom, and can be carried under one arm and installed for the day wherever desired.

Comes complete with flag, garden gnome, vegetables, flowers and fence. Stack of firewood, parasol, beers and garden tools are optional.

Product name: Instant Allotment
Design: Louise Campbell
Year: 2006
Manufacturer: Kvadrat
Materials: Mega printed textile. Hand sewn and quilted.
Measurements: In theory available in three sizes, depending on desired allotment size
Product category: Furniture/Environments
Product status: One off

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  • BS


  • bioz

    oh my god , this is so lame , i sorry but its realy sad ,
    and to have this on dezeen , , first time im counfused about ur selected news

  • leandro

    garbage, garbage, garbage… this disconnects me to a landscape. this is not even worth calling “design”. can you guys critique first whatever you’re posting? the readers are not autistic, c’mon!

  • Anna

    An ode to selfishness…

  • she’s a genius I think

    new film on her work…