Urban Camouflage by Aya Tsukioka


This has been around a bit, but we can't not do something on Aya Tsukioka's clothing designs for people scared of crime.

First reported in the New York Times last week, they include a costume the same size and shape as a street vending machine that you can use as urban camouflage; a purse that looks like a manhole cover that you can leave on the street; and a child's backpack that allow wearers to disguise themselves fire extinguishers.

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  • io da grande voglio essere un tombino..

  • Deanna

    If there’s stuff in the purse, it will be noticeable. I find these all a little silly.

  • rion

    A little silly?

  • i think it would be cool if there was a tree one =]

  • Deanna,
    It won’t be noticeable as it is a pancake/record purse only.

  • Great concept, great work!

    The best from Barcelona.


  • The vending machines works well. What do you get if you put some money in it?

  • Christel

    It’s cute that it’s been designed for those “in fear of crime”.
    But I think I like the work for it’s silliness as well (if silly is the right word).
    I agree a tree would be cool (but maybe harder to replicate than mechanical items);
    Maybe she could try this in other coutries if it does not infringe on copyright laws!?
    What is the orange box anyway? Is it a telephone booth? (Sorry, I’ve never been)

  • Christel

    oh wait, fire extinguisher. Sorry :p

  • peter

    oh snap. i guess i am criminal minded because when i first saw these images i imagined them being a way to fool others into giving the wearer their money!