Gyre by MVRDV


Tokyo design week: here are some snapshots of Gyre, the new retail building on Omotesando street in Tokyo designed by Dutch architects MVRDV.

The building opened yesterday. It contains restaurants and shops, including the new MOMA design store (see next story).

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  • rodger

    a very nice piece of form making. i especially like the way the stair works with the building, and the experience one would have when climbing it.

  • H.E.

    Hey there! Please don´t cut down the newsletter – It was so comforting not to have to look out for links as in all the other annoying newsletters.

  • roadkill

    They still have it…. just love it, any chance for a link with drawings?

  • Lambchop

    gorgeous, can’t wait to visit

  • @Roadkill, MVRDV is not keen on exhibiting their drawings (plans or sections). Just sexy images for us to enjoy.

  • J

    @Apostolov: Untrue. Look at KM3, look at A+U and even in their latest exhibition in Brussels and the Omotesando building they show a lot of plans and sections.