The light that thinks it's a candle: Hono by Metaphys


Tokyo Design Week: the Hono light by Japanese brand Metaphys is ignited by touching it with a magnetic match and extinguished by blowing on it. The LED light source even flickers like a real candle.

The cable-less lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The product - which has been around for a while although we never saw it before - is on show at 100% Design Tokyo this week. More from Metaphys coming soon...

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  • dave

    Why does this product exist ?

  • DooMMasteR

    Why do candles exist?

    this is a modern and simplified candle reusable, clean, safe and ??? chiqe ???
    the magnet ignition and blow-out are useless gimicks, but this way it is possible to create the ‘candle’ as one pice without switches knops holes or contacts

    assumed they used inductive charging as used in electric toothbrushes

  • Minophis

    Why do candles exist? Because 5000 years ago people without any technology came up with a clean, simple, reliable, elegant, relaxing and convenient light source. It has become one of the most useful and durable inventions ever made.

    I am stunned that you can call this (a piece of plastic containing led’s, electronics for power control and timing the flicker, a battery, sensors and requiring a magnetic match) a simplified candle (a lump of wax with string in it).

    You certainly couldn’t call it clean given the energy and chemicals used in its production and the energy for it’s ongoing use. A candle is it’s own energy source and is carbon neutral as it is usually plant based. Also candles are biodegradable unlike this which let’s be honest is ultimately destined to end up in a landfill somewhere.

  • Bazzanthar

    Ok, if that thing is a light that thinks it’s a candle, then is the owner of that thing a thought who thinks (s)he’s human?

  • JQL

    Why not Dave?

    Minophys that may be all true but this one doesn’t burn your towel if it falls on your table.

    And though it doesn’t seem much as an ilumination device it as some interesting features.

  • fvale

    whats the point of designing something like this ? design a 21st century device to behave like a bC candle ?

  • clever

  • gilbertow

    how much does it cost? (The best question ever! Stop complain about your life.)

  • Itsumishi

    I like it!
    Simple (too use, the construction may not be, but hey you don’t buy it because it was built easily), elegent. A gimmick for sure but a nice gimmick… and in response to Dave.

    This is a piece for a design show, I don’t think the artist was hoping that every home in the world would be rushing to buy them.

  • Jentz

    Cost: 10.000 japanese yen

  • rion

    What happened to the appreciation of aesthetics?