Wind dam by Chetwood Associates


Building Design shows a power-generating "wind dam" designed by architects Chetwoods that uses a giant spinnaker sail slung between mountains to funnel wind into a turbine.

Chetwoods have submitted a proposal to suspend the first wind dam across a gorge at Lake Lagoda in north-west Russia.

Read the full story on Building Design.

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  • subdivision

    this is amazing, really inventive

    plus it looks like something coming from the Greek mythology!!

  • Matt

    You need a better rendering program. try rhino, vray, maya or mental ray

  • Cool, shall we expect one to appear on clerkenwell green next summer then?!

    See you there…

  • roadkill

    very efficient contraption…. they need to take into account some sort of protection from all those flying pigs…. may hamper proceedings a bit

  • Brian

    I hope there aren’t too many species of birds that like to fly through that gorge…

  • rkeytect

    Looks like a g-string or a jockstrap strung across the landscape…

  • Very cool! Did someone propose that to Al Gore?

  • it is wonderful concept.. but like brian says birds? shear off the sides of sails? shadow issues with water for fish and algae? maybe a clearer fabric?

    outstanding though!

    champion idea!!!

  • horst thorn

    sorry, but this is one of the biggest bullshit i’ve ever seen… there are much more efficient possibilities to generate natural power without disturbing landscape… please stay a little bit cooler besides all those eco discussions

  • Pat

    Thats the best idea I have seem yet. Keep thinking.

  • Fu Manchu

    When I picture “the future”, I picture crazy-looking, yet practical things all over the place. This really fits in with my idea of “the future”.

  • Ihrdeppen

    oh well… a modern, high security nuclear reactor is doing less harm to nature than this f*ing MONSTER!
    what’s next, chetwood? a mega freezer to stop global warming?
    seems you can sell every stupid concept in this age of blindfold mass hysteria.

  • RawThinkTank

    I think the landscape looks cooler now.

    But what about a HURRICANE ?

  • erm

    I think its a good start, but me thinks this would not be efficient enough.

  • hugo

    I don’t understand how the spinnaker sail is full of wind yet the water on the lake is flat like a millpond.

  • Of course it's a silly idea, but what fun!

  • Nicole King

    All this area should be returned to Finland. They’d have a far better idea what to do with the landscape, after all it was theirs for thousands of years.