More images of An der Alster 1 by J Mayer H


Here are some more images of the new An der Alster 1 building by J Mayer H Architects, plus plans and elevations of the building.

This set of photos has been kindly supplied by photographers Schaulin . The images are under copyright and used with permission.

More images and text in our previous story.

Posted by Rose Etherington

Posted on Monday November 12th 2007 at 10:58 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Marc Buel

    Amazing Building and interior!

  • tommi

    indeed…simple & fresh!!

  • c

    ….and dated.

  • or


  • Paula

    really Amazing!!!

  • Jimmy K


  • JAI

    Me gusta el exterior. El interior un poco soso, se salva la barandilla de la escalera.

  • In germany you don’t need 2 means of exit ?

  • John

    What’s amazing is that, like 20 people work in this building.

  • Dan

    …in one word: BANAL

  • wowowowo

    It’s horrible!

  • dumpling

    i can’t wait for new years! 2001 here we come!

  • martin sisack

    Looks quite cool at first glimps… but dont you think next year it will be vintage? its gonna look so old so soon…

  • EonS OneS

    Nice Peice. This is definitly the first black &white tHrow up I have seen. Good Outlines and shading.

    …in one word: Pertinent…hardly trite or banal.

  • jahwarrior

    wallpaper culture! fuck that shit.

  • ana

    another aquarium

  • hilarious

  • roadkill

    well i like its consistency… from the grilles outside to the lights inside it sticks to the same language. Well done i can see lost of potential for these guys….

  • chahdch

    The future is yesterday!