Loducca building in São Paulo by Triptyque


Triptyque, a French-Brazilian architecture firm based in São Paulo, Brazil, have sent us a set of images of the building they designed for Loducca, a São Paulo advertising agency.

The design is explained in detail with drawings and animations on the project's microsite.

Update 20/11/07: Triptyque have just sent us this new information about the project:


Located in the “Jardins” neighbourhood in São Paulo (which is currently undergoing radical changes) and in an avenue with busy traffic, the North-facing building emerges as a strong and organic ‘incarnation’ of this tropical city, evoking elements such as noise and solar radiation, and takes its form by absorbing these aggressions.

The construction isn’t autonomous, nor blind or deaf – it is born from its local energy and uses that to give the environment new meanings, in a boomerang-like effect.

The impossible transparency between building and street is created through the deconstruction of the façade: the organic and fluid brise-soleil membrane deforms itself under the effect of the traffic movements. It protects the building from the sun and works in two other very contrasting ways: it lets the public eyes inside, and at the same time filters these eyes, giving a sense of privacy to those inside.

The construction stares at the city and reveals its interiors delicately through various layers: the glass gates, the brise-soleil and the frontal translucent glazing visually connect the external to the internal. Meanwhile, in the back façade double opaque and single translucent glazing alternate in an intriguing visual game, creating luminosity and reinforcing the contact between inside and outside.

This visual and sensorial continuity reflects a strong and troubled relationship: the public eye and the privacy of the user. A concrete frame panel is connected to the ‘façade-membrane’ and complements these affairs, connecting the interior and exterior environments.

The three floors are structured by a strong vertical element – the concrete staircase. Its folded geometry connects all internal rooms, from the parking lot to the solarium at the top floor.

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  • tommi

    absolutely amazing !!! great look of d’ front & back facade, d’ interior is even better than i expected… juz wonder its detail is out yet ??! really wanna see!


    Really amazing! The only trouble are the front façade photos. They don’t show exactly how beautiful the building is.

  • nice work dudes !!1 congrat

  • I live in São Paulo, and i can garantee that this building is even better “in flesh”!

  • Damn… that building makes me want to climb the front of it SOOOO BAD…

  • martin sisack

    Brazil, by far the best architecture of America…. (read it and wipp Chile)

  • Serena T

    Mmmmmm…the front makes me wanna climb it!!!

  • Very important projetc, congratulations for a Triptyque Studio e Loducca Agency!

    We are very happy for the seat CHAIR ONE for Constantin Grcic….

    Giovanni Tremolada
    Magis Agency Brasil

  • Good Job !

    An old fan from Paris

  • Fantastic building! Can’t wait to visit Brasil to see it IRL! :-)

  • winny

    very interesting play of transparency!

    note: the 2nd last picture.
    i love the way how they lift up the concrete roof for the stairway. very fine and clean detail.

  • The wood wave in the front is beautiful arquiteture design.
    Hang loose!!!

  • mauOne

    this building deserves better pictures urgently!

  • Howard

    The building is cool, it looks like some unbuilt design by Danish practice PLOT. The concrete staircase is awsome, but the last step on top (second floor, hovering above office’s floor) doesn’t make much sense huh?
    Anyway I still have got to agree with my fellow above that Brazil has the best architecture in America … sorry Chile!

  • roadkill

    best thing is the concrete stair by far… great effect. i would also draw comparision with PLOT or BIG or whatever they call themselves these days… except their project is way cooler!!!!

  • RArc

    Seems like this french-brazilian firm would like to be danish.
    Actually Denmark has the best architecture in America.

  • rodrift

    Actually Oscar Niemeyer is danish. He just pretends to be brazilian.

  • Bruno S.

    I have been in this building when it was under construction, and in my point of view, there is a soo good relation with the context sorrundig. The soft moviment of the facade morphing to became stairs… Really good design… Also the concrete working with wood as separeted elements but dialoging to each other somehow… One of the few examples of a really new design in Brazil. I hope will come more examples…

  • Gjemt er ikke glemt

    Actually Hans Cristian Anderson is Brasilian and was brought up in the Zona Norte of Rio where the ducks are really grimme and the Verdens deiligste Rose lives.

    He was Princesa Leopoldina’s lover throughought the 1830s and fought a duel with D. Pedro I which became the basis for Keiserens nye Klæder.


  • Achei a obra muito boa.
    Proxima vez que vou viajar para São Paulo vou ver ela ao vivo.