Dezeen is one: our first year in pictures


It's our birthday! Dezeen started on 27 November last year and to celebrate our first anniversary, here's a run down of the most popular stories from each of the past 12 months. The results are quite surprising...

November 2006: good to his name, Fabio Novembre set us up with our first interiors story, in the form of his Stuart Weitzman shoe store in Rome (above). Browse more stories from this month

December 2006: most popular this month was Bodo Sperlein's chandelier for Lladró (above), which was unveiled during Design Miami. Browse more stories from this month

January 2007: our scoop on Claudio Silvestrin's design for Kanye West's Manhattan apartment (above) was us our first story to go seriously viral. Browse more stories from this month

February 2007: Tom Kundig's Delta Shelter (above) is a weekend cabin in deepest Washington State. Browse more stories from this month

March 2007: Jurgen Bey selected this condom applicator (above) by XYZ Design as the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town. This is our second most popular story ever, with 101,000 visits so far. Browse more stories from this month

April 2007: Jean Nouvel unveiled his design for La Philharmonie de Paris (above), a new concert hall for the French capital. Nouvel is big with Dezeen readers. Bigger than Zaha, even. Browse more stories from this month

May 2007: Hamster Shredder by Thomas Ballhatchet (above) helped make our story about the British Council Top Ten exhibition the most popular of all our stories about the previous month's Milan furniture fair. Browse more stories from this month

June 2007: Nadim Karam of Atelier Hapsitus launched The Cloud (above), a speculative design for a city balanced on 300m-high stilts, at the International Design Forum in Dubai. Browse more stories from this month

July 2007: J Mayer H's extension to the Danfoss Universe science park in Denmark was the big hit this month. Browse more stories from this month

August 2007: Roger Arquer's fish bowls were (and still are) highly stumbled-upon. Browse more stories from this month

September 2007: Lego Towers by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) goes on show at Storefront in New York and brings in a lot of nostalgic dads (presumably). Browse more stories from this month

October 2007: Roger Arquer again, this time with his conceptual mousetraps designed “only to catch mice, not to kill them”. This is our most popular story to date, with over 102,000 visits. Browse more stories from this month

November 2007: most popular so far this month is the candle-mimicking Hono light by Metaphys, shown at 100% Design Tokyo. Browse more stories from this month

We've tried, but we have been unable to draw any meaningful conclusion from the above results, except that animal-related stories are popular. Here goes for another year!

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  • Nuno

    Congrats mates!! Great stuff, and great work throughout this year!

    I’ve been a serious reader since day One, and even though I keep my struggle against Zaha (design) stuff here, i always come back two, three, four times a day to keep me up to date ;) Excellent blog!

    Again… congratulations! ;)

  • Happy Birthday!
    Your blog is very up to date, excellent and useful. I often review it. I’m a persian architect-blogger. I’m hopeful about creating a similar blog for iranian contemporary architecture.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  • ana

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
    More, more, more….

  • happy birthday, keep going .

  • Loraine

    Congratulations ! I really enjoy dezeen ….and lend a topic from time to time

  • mark

    Whilest I like the pics on your site, you could do with hiring a proper writer as just posting a press release thats supplied just makes you look unprofessional and lazy. c’mon Dezeen, its time to get smarter

  • F

    isn ‘ t it the Editor ‘s birthday too?
    Happy birthday Marcus , and Dezeen !
    you deserve a birthday cake from your readers ..

  • Congratulations Marcus & team. Bravo for your beautiful site and topicality. Very inspiring.

  • Shweta Parida

    Happy Birthday. Blogging had never been this cool.

  • Congratulations! I recently discovered your site but have been coming back ever since. Keep up the good work.

  • dezeen is simply the best and the fresher!

    i used to be ICON’s collector..till the day that Marcus launched dezeen..

    since then i’ve been collecting dezeen posts..and sometimes link them in my blog, because my moto is design is to share..and Marcus Knows that!

    Keep posting

    Kind regards

    Costas Voyatzis

  • João

    well, congratulations people from DEZEEN for this first year, hope reading always fresh news for the nex, let’s say, ten or more years… as a brazilian architect, it’s really good to see how far you go to show us good (and not so good – important as well) architecture and design from many different countries and professionals… once more, congratulations, and keep going further and further…

  • daas

    congrats the best web site ever

  • El Greco


    Don’t let them buy you and go public on NASDAQ.

  • Hi I’m your fans and a reader ever!from indonesia!
    Cool..keep doing this great job!so inspiring and so informative!
    Thank a lots!