United Arab Emirates pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010 by Foster + Partners


Shanghai Expo 2010: Architects Foster + Partners have designed the United Arab Emirates' pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010.

The pavilion is clad in a Islamic-style patterned screen. Images courtesy of Foster + Partners.

Here's the lowdown from Foster:


Foster + Partners’ scheme for United Arab Emirates Pavilion at Shanghai’s Expo 2010 is revealed

Foster + Partners has designed the concept for the United Arab Emirates Pavilion at Shanghai’s Expo 2010. Devised to relate to the theme 'Better Cities, Better Lives', the pavilion is inspired by the principles of traditional Arab city planning. It integrates the latest technologies to maximise both the passive and active environmental profile to illustrate the essential principles of a humane city that captures the spirit of the UAE and articulates its commitment to a more sustainable urban vision for the future.

A semi-transparent patterned screen envelops the building and creates a strong visual identity. Based on a simple octagon, one of the simplest and most ancient patterns in Arabic art, the filigree provides shading while also creating a dynamic play of light and shade in the interior spaces. Designed to include solar captors, the screen will provide energy for the running of the pavilion as well as cooling for the interior spaces.

Behind the shelter of the screen, the visitor will find an extraction of a traditional Arabic city and by combining technological innovation with traditional elements of Arab culture such as the use of intricate patterns and the compact urban plans of ancient Arab cities; the pavilion reflects the UAE’s mission to lead the way towards a sustainable future, while also preserving the art and culture of its past.

The pavilion will be one of the largest in the Expo at 20m high and with 6000sqm of exhibition space.

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  • sanoj

    A little outdated I think

  • pop

    i wonder who does these artistic impressions.. they can easily sell.

  • nike

    a box with a pattern. looks like foa

  • rodger

    god help me, what is it with the light play renderings coming out of fosters office these days? the digital light effects in this project look a lot like those of the stadium design recently featured…. honestly, the religious associations implicit in such effects, make me want to throw up….. and make me think, there is architectural idea here…. an islamic screen as facade. give me a break.

  • rodger

    oops, i meant, where is the architectural idea here….?

  • roadkill

    Is Jean Novel is working for Fosters?

  • jOKE

  • togon

    blue light, orange light, yellow light, purple light haha, they turned on the whole spectrum of light in those renders.

  • that’s just a disguise! stuck between all that shiny, colorful light-effects and the islamic shower curtain they must be hiding one of the all grey-in-grey glass and steel fosters we all learned to love so much…

  • quiuquiu

    Listen, all of you,
    It sounds like you know nothing about good simple design. This is nice, allright?

  • Marcus Des

    If you think that good simple design can be camp as Christmas. But then…. this is Foster selling out to the Emirates. What was to be expected?

  • Impression = expression

  • Taylord

    my favorite comment is “blue light, orange light, yellow light”….. hilarious

  • the visuals have been done by not very well known company named VYONYX.

    And if to some of you that is a surprise ….yes the imagery does sell ….its always been like that since ancient times and i do not see it changing

    As for the design….. keep on talking…its way better than most of the ridiculas ideas been build in the MiddelEast some by quite well known architects.

  • Jealous

    Ugh, jealous architects who hate everything… Design something better and post it!

  • joseph

    I am starting to get tired of Foster…He could have done more to this this is just a box with pretty things on the out side, but on the other hand it best embodies the cheese mess thats been happening in Dubai so I guess it works, but i am dissapointed

  • B

    My question is: don’t the United Arab Emirates have architects of their own? Always thought the expo was, among others, to display yourself and in this case your architecture…

  • yes

    Spain! yes, this is more suitable for Spanish Pavilion rather than those south east asian clad they borrow from..