OK Go stage costumes by Moritz Waldemeyer


Moritz Waldemeyer has designed costumes for rock band OK Go, featuring LEDs that spell the band's name.

OK Go are best known for their Here it Goes Again video, featuring the band on exercise treadmills.

Above and below: Waldemeyer (on right) modelling the outfits

Here is the press release and some more images:




Rising star of modern design, Moritz Waldemeyer, is collaborating with the quirky kings of Geek Rock, OK Go, to fashion a new kind of stage performance. The band recently approached Waldemeyer to design the costumes for their latest performance, and his solution quite literally lights up the stage – thousands of LED lights, stitched into the jackets of the four performers, will turn each of them into a moving light show. Waldemeyer’s inspiration was the flickering lights of the slot machines in the casinos of Las Vegas.

The result is a dazzling innovation in stage costume design, a knowing fusion of glitz and capitalist kitsch that perfectly reflects OK Go’s own synthesis of Power Pop and tongue-in-cheek wit.

When the band appears on stage, LED lights embedded in their jackets run through a sequence that makes up the letters O,K,G,O – like a Vegas slot-machine scrolling through its symbols to spell the band’s name.

OK Go are one of the world’s most dynamic alternative rock bands, known for their infectiously offbeat music and radically innovative low-budget videos. The video for “Here It Goes Again” – known globally as “The tread-mill video” – has become one of the most watched music videos of all time. Now they want to take their stage performances to the same level. Their collaboration with Waldemeyer is the first exciting step on that journey.

Recognised as one of the most innovative and exciting designers of his generation, Waldemeyer, aged 33, was born in East Germany. He moved to London twelve years ago where he trained as an engineer at Kings College and completed his Masters degree in 2001. Since then, he has collaborated with many of the world’s top architects and fashion designers including Phillippe Starck, Zaha Hadid, Thomas Heatherwick and Hussein Chalayan. His work is a fusion of technology, art, fashion and design.

The costumes were first shown on 22 November at KOKO night club, as part of the Smirnoff Electric Cabaret. A new era of rock flamboyance has begun.

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  • required name

    Moritz ROCKS!

  • I want it…
    I’d love to have a giant tengu

  • karla

    i can’t believe how stupid that looks. maybe its because they are such a stupid band

  • Moritz is a genius, ledgend, talented super * and Karla is stupid! hehe

  • *legend.


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  • Marcio

    Don’t you all agree with what Merve said?
    Never seen anything so clear!!

  • filiz saribas


  • Mel

    What about a practical use for leds in your clothing?
    Have you seen this stylish solar charged light in a cap? It has LEDs in the peak . Dont have to keep buying batteries. Sun will charge them for you. Hands free light in the dark.

  • So cool! :)

    Would be a really fun Halloween costume.

  • Anyone know how I could make one myself? haha. LIke andrew said, it would be a really cool halloween costume.