Nordpark Cable Railway by Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid Architects have completed four stations on the Nordpark Cable Railway in Innsbruck, Austria.

The scenic railway, which serves ski stations in the mountains above the city, opens this weekend.

Photos are by Hélène Binet. Above: Alpenzoo station

Above: Loewenhaus station

Above: Hungerburg station

Above: Loewenhaus station

Above: Congress station

Above: Hungerburg station

Above: Congress station

Above: Alpenzoo station

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  • L

    I believe it’s laminated glass, not fiberglass. Done in China, CNC thermoforming.

    Dan: I’d be curious to know what that software is. ZHA uses rhino, maya, 3D max…. why wouldn’t it be rhino?

  • jord

    people back to 1st principles pls. do not judge it as a form. it seems like people are judging it as a sculpture. architecture should not be seen, it should be experienced. go and EXPERIENCE its space (feel it) don’t LOOK at its form.

    and who cares how its made. these are only tools to create space.

  • H

    Dan: Also curious here what “parametric software” it is?

    BTW my boss who has been a “box” guy all his life suddenly dreamed up some nurby forms for our recent job, he so easily drawn on yellow trace and I am here trying to make a model of it with AutoCAD and my colleagues trying to transform those lovely sketches to plans with, again AutoCAD, we are all in great pain…

    Surely tools are important. Great tools save us a hell lot of time and it takes time to think and develop a design! We work 10-16 hours a day becoz of doing this nurby form without the appropriate tool!

  • sun

    i dont know.. i like it..i dont! like it! no.. i dont..some times i do , sometimes i dont!! but the material looks very interesting!

  • Badrick

    I just want to add my two cents. I have always believed that architecture was about designing space. It seems that Hadid’s work is about sculpture more than architecture. Take a look at the spaces created by these curved forms. Does anyone find the space adequate for a rail terminal? Or is it that we are all to be so “wowed” by the super clean forms that we ignore the totally banal spaces enclosed by them.
    Don’t be fooled my fellow architects. It is a sham, and Hadid is just cashing in on the poor Tiroleans. The ski jump was enough for Innsbruck.

  • arc vis

    guys…. when u want to make a comment, its got to be relevant, giving a opinion on a design done by someone else, whether it be a famous architect or just the lady who works at the green grocer on weekends. All this crap about the shape and that any body can think and draw up a shape like that, making this a bad design….? come on guys? thats not what architectures about….. have a look at the surroundings… the amalgamation of structure, landform approach and perspective from multiple points…. i think that she has resolved it in a very successful way, whether she used a rino form or a cigarette bud as a generator… its irrelevant. the lines in the design contains a specific architectural language, portraying a sense of movement and enhances the awareness of transition.

  • odile dimitri dupont

    Jelle Says: “Take a step back and look at what you are doing please.

    This architecture has lost its value…”

    Andrew Says: “Jelle is right, Zaha has become so predictable as of late. ”

    you should go outside, take a walk! I’m sure wher you live, that’s probably in your head, covered with design blogs and magazines, zaha may have ebcome “predictable” and her work may have lost its value, but outside she is hardly there. she is not even new, she does not exist. world is still filled with boring boxes that we live in and a couple of commentors are already dissing one of the few people who is making something different.

  • can anybody tell me what material zaha hadid uses in her organic buildings? m not only talking about the exterior cladding. i even want to know how the structural system works. anyone have any idea?

  • Karakasa

    This Star Trek-style looks better in the simulations than in reality.

  • kaiserinenzian

    Have just visited Innsbruck and expereinced a thrilling trip on the funicular. The upper station is beautiful, especially in the snow at night.The bridge over the river, elegant and fluid. Some of the critics should actually VISIT these places.