New products from Metaphys


Tokyo design week: Japanese brand Metaphys presented many new products at 100% Design Tokyo last month, including the Cortina electric kettle (above).

The brand, headed by designer Chiaki Murata, also created the Hono LED candle, which we featured a few weeks ago. Above: Levanto hairdryer.

Above: Brillo folding toothbrush

Above: Soh calculator

Above: Lunacalente CD player

Above: Plano stepladder

Above: Grafia mailbox

Above: Norte fan

Above: Ladd magazine rack

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  • terrific

  • some of them are very cool.

  • Nuno

    There is some great stuff there.

  • Ren

    Some interesting ‘Muji-esque’ Japanese product design. I find the kettle a bit tacky and the toothbrush not bearing the same design language as the other products. I would like to see these products in the flesh to see if they really work .

  • Nice collection, I like it!

  • Gabriel

    Hello, where could I buy the Lunacalente CD player online?

    Thank you.

  • I want them all. I am calmer just by viewing them…