New Museum by SANAA opens in New York


The New Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, opened in New York on the weekend.

These photos are all copyright © Dean Kaufman.

More information on this project in our earlier story.

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  • Nuno

    I like! :D

  • G!reg

    Can’t wait to see the cleaning bill for the exterior! White building in the city? Good luck.

  • luis miguel

    como objeto es bonito, en relacion con la ciudad no me gusta

  • Ryan

    I’m not feeling the interior, the exterior however is amazing

  • Love the toilet

  • J

    I’m in love with a building.

  • Brian

    The building is not white. The facade is comprised of two layers of metal, the topmost being somewhat more reflective. The building actually reads more silver in person… And it’s one of the best structures to go up in lower Manhattan in ages.

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Definitely the most flattering photos I’ve seen of the building so far. Generally I’m not a fan of the overly antiseptic interiors that seem to be incorrectly scaled with their purpose of displaying a constantly changing variety of art. For a $50 million budget I expected a bit more in the area of fine details.

  • Tim

    The bathrooms are a great contrast with the exterior, love the more playfulness of them in relation to the stern look of most of the building.
    Other than that: this is probably one of the few buildings that can wear a huge “hell yeah” sign and pull it off…

  • JImmy

    Hell yeah! She’s a stern looking building alright.

  • O.G.

    so that sign does say ‘hell yes’?……whats the reasoning behind that?….just curious

  • A very inspirational design and very original.

  • Tim

    It's a work by Ugo Rondinone. It's guessing what the actual meaning in relation to the opening is (maybe a "hell yes, we spent an insane amount of money but we actually got something good"), but this is what the curator says about it:

  • y.h.

    For information on the “hell yes!” sign:

  • y.h.

    If a comment in a batch that you are about to post is redundant, why do you still post it?

  • adm

    Hey Guys, the sign is by this swiss artist Ugo Rondione. I think the “Hell Yeah” is just about the opening of the museum and the fact that they took such a long time and such a great effort to get it open. Don’t trust me though, they have an explanation right here.

  • örn

    looks like my fridge…

  • (WHO)

    so simple!!

  • ll


  • i like the facade a lot!!
    the interiors not at all but in general
    we have a very simple build
    — less is more–
    Mies Van der Rohe

  • halle

    the place to be in new york. great!

  • jcchavez

    La obra se me hacer tan puro, dentro del todo ese entorno completamente contaminante, I like is great, is aaaaa

  • Lori Eastside

    HELL NO !!!!!! It looks like a giant cheese grater and it is (cheese being slang for money)……I live across the street and it’s sad to watch the bums and addicts line up for a bed or the soup kitchen at the Bowery Mission while people stumble over them to see art….I read the city and state of N.Y. contributed 7.4 million to this ugly 84 million dollar building…….help the neighborhood by giving artists that have lived here money to not move !!!!!

  • chandelier

    right across the street cheungvogl designed a beautiful residential/office.
    it seems like ny waited for sanaa, tokyo and cheungvogl, hong kong, herzog de meuron, swiss to give the city the architecture it deserves….

  • AJ

    A Photo of it at night would have been great!

  • I would like to see more angles of the exterior in order to better understand how the building communicates with the surrounding environment.

  • Christopher

    ooohhhh…so the “Hell, yes” refers to Beck?