More photos of Tokujin Yoshioka installation at Design Miami


Design Miami 07: here are some better photos of the Tokujin Yoshioka installation at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District.

For more info, see our earlier story. Update: see our video interview of Yoshioka explaining this project here.

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  • Ku


  • martin sisack

    I allways wanted to know how it felt to be the meat on the noodle soup!!

  • O.G.


  • xtiaan

    *makes obligatory whining hippie comment about those straws being made of plastic and baby dolphins*

  • This is such a whimsical-looking place. The shot of the columns gives a feel and look of Mount Olympus. A person going there could feel as if they were a god or goddess!

  • Bryzane

    nostaglic of my grandmas old hair…whispy and soft.. yet brittle.
    Conjures the feeling of being swept away into past and present all at the same time.

  • I love it. I wish spaces like these were practical for permanent installation. It would be interesting to see what it looks like after a year of gathering dust. A housekeepers nightmare.

  • Chris

    xtiaan, your post consists of: 1) two question-beggin epithets (“whining hippie”) and 2) a straw man (those straws being made of plastic and baby dolphins). So you packed two fallacies into a post that otherwise serves no purpose. Way to go!

  • Leon


    Very dramatic! It’s also very liberating…

  • liebekunst

    I want to sit there!
    feels like in the sky!!

  • sofia

    I love how soft it looks, but it’s actually made of plastic drinking straws, so it’d be rather hard and spiky and uncomfortable.

  • choemizt

    i love it Yoshioka…imagining when i sat there….like floating on a cotton candy