Flow 5.0 by Studio Roosegaarde


Artist Daan Roosegaarde's latest installation consists of a 10m corridor of ventilator fans controlled by sensors, which react to the sound and motion of visitors passing through them.

The installation will be on show at the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, until 3rd January 2008.

The following information about the project is from Studio Roosegaarde:


Flow 5.0 is an interactive sculpture made out of hundreds of ventilators which are reacting to your sound and motion. By walking and interacting an illusive landscape of transparencies and artificial winds is created. Moving through Flow 5.0 the visitor becomes conscious of himself as a body, in a dynamic relation with space and technology.


Posted by Rose Etherington


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  • fBot

    Nice work!

  • M

    Been done a million times before

  • J

    By scrolling the first picture up and down you can see a nice effect.

  • re been done before –

    With fans?

    Maybe the concept of a responsive installation but nevertheless this appears very well executed. I wish there was more information about the circuitry and sensors required for the control of the fans. I’d be interested to know how this works at a technical level.

    Also, I’d like to experience it. MOMA or Guggenheim please take note.

  • sander

    it is really nice and slender.
    never been done before, not even once.
    so there.

  • Yeah – you can almost get the fans to spin round.

    I agree with M on this one. Nothing really that new here

  • M

    I’ve seen it on interactivearchitecture.org several times, in the Bartlett more then several times, with the same computer CPU fans. The system is simple – connect fans to sensors.

  • K. Rimane

    very cool. great job.

  • tiffany


  • togon

    there is totally NO creativity in this installation. I think almost everyone is irritated by the noise these PC fans make, and having them installed in this amount…I wouldnt want to me in the middle of those two walls.

  • Ben

    This isn’t Roosegaarde’s most stunning work… check out the website for others. Still great nonetheless.

  • Boogie

    @togon: there is no noise. I saw it myself. The fans are big and slow enough to run quietly.

    the effect of transporting the movement in front of the panels would be better if the fans would be smaller. You can’t recognize the clear shape of a person behind the wall for example.

  • Interesante