Reiss flagship store by Universal Design Studio


Interior architects Universal Design Studio have completed a new flagship store in London for clothing brand Reiss.

The store, at the brand's new international headquarters on Barrett Street, feature a marble-lined staircase and will set the tone for future Reiss stores.

Photographs by James Winspear.

Here's a bit of text from Universal Design Studio:


Universal Design Studio have just completed a new flagship store for Reiss, located within their new International HQ Building in Barrett Street, London, W1. It is the first in a number of stores being developed as part of the new Reiss concept. This flagship store houses the complete collections for menswear, womenswear and accessories.

Universal wished to maintain the simplicity and elegance of the Michael Squires and Partners’ building whilst introducing a careful flow for customer exploration around the 7,616 sq ft store.

Universal wanted to create a store which focused on the confidence that has evolved within the Reiss collection. We felt that the stores and the collection had developed in parallel and that they would both benefit from a new clarity.

Universal have introduced iconic architectural elements, such as a large matt staircase with a fine marble lining which is both graphic as an element whilst also reflecting some of the tailoring qualities of Reiss’ collection in its detail.

Universal wanted to maintain patterns and detail but to include these within the make up of the materials rather than a decorative application. Also materials and integral pattern that had reference to historic interiors were developed with materials that added an extra dimension; stone herringbone floors and massive vitrines have a resonance with more traditional interiors but their scale and material application make them thoroughly modern.

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  • J-K

    So, why is this interesting or original? Dezeen I expect much more of you. Is this the equivelent of a slow news day? The Reiss flagship seems no different, no more spectacular or interesting than any other fashion shop. I’d have preferred to find out what your Christmas cracker looked like.

  • Nuno

    Gotta agree with J-K. This is pretty boring, and more of the same.

    More… this even looks like a bit 80-ish, but only on the REAL boring details, because the rest is simply dull.

  • JImmy

    looks like a store

  • JImmy

    looks like a bore

  • JImmy

    I get it…It’s like a mall…but on a web site about fancy architecture.

  • Darren

    I dont think the photos do this store justice. If you visit the store you will realise it is phenomenal and absolutely stunning inside. A fantastic peice of design- they’ve kept it simple and subtle to let the collection do the talking, its understated and stylish. Definitely one of the best flagships on the high street.

  • Stephen

    I generally like their work, but . . .

  • tiffany

    slick middle of the road shit…..

  • chahdch

    This is a flagship store??

  • Philo

    agreed they need to do something a bit more leading edge. im a massive fan of reiss though but recently theyve let me down. has anyone been to this store? what are your thoughts?

  • andrea

    Ive been to the store and im not inspired its not memorable their collection is the same as it has been for years i need something new

  • fBot

    I suspect it’s because Universal Design Studio is run in-part by BarberOsgerbym, and what ever people like that do seems to make the news.

    Whether its average or not

    I don’t think it shuold be put here either

  • Tek

    Is this the same people who did the store for Ms McCartney? I thought that was more interesting than this one.

  • Sanam

    i think you should have put up pictures of the new facade at least!