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Normal timepieces by Ross McBride

Designer Ross McBride of Tokyo-based Normal presented a new collection of clocks and watches at 100% Design Tokyo last month.

The autumn range consists of a clock and a wristwatch, both available in various finishes.

Here's some blurb from Normal:


Normal Timepieces are designed by Ross McBride, and produced by Normal Y.K.

The Normal Timepieces brand was launched in July of 2006, with a retrospective exhibition of Ross McBride's work at Cïbone in Tokyo, Japan.

Two years in the making, it was the culmination of Ross' love of timepieces, and strong desire to create a self-produced brand that fully embodied his own sensibilities.

The initial product range included three watches: "Extra Normal", and two limited edition pieces, "Time Zone", and "Time = Money".

In Autumn of 2007, the range was limited to just the Extra Normal design, and expanded upon with a variety of new materials, and surface treatments. Additionally, a new Extra Normal wall clock was introduced.