Pavillion in Orchard Road by U:phoria Architects


By coincidence, here's another project with abstract floral cladding: Singapore architects U:phoria have sent us these images of their winning entry in a competition to design a pavilion on Orchard Road, Singapore.

The structure will be made from lightweight steel and covered in patterned printed acrylic panels.

There's a video about the project here.

The following information is from U:phoria:


Prize winning entry for a pavilion in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore.

The concept is to create a structure that is light and elegant looking. It will be a place for quiet resting and dining, while evoking a sense of peace & tranquillity as an antithesis to the urban flurry that surrounds it.

This pavilion will exemplify the use of lightweight steel framing to create a structure that appears to defy its own weight, and seemingly looks as if it is floating above the ground. It is an urban manifestation of the ephemeral quality of the city life.

Steel Design Strategy

The strategy is to utilise a simple component: an l-shaped lightweight galvanised steel section. This steel section will be placed in consecutive additions and in pairs, in perpendicular directions at each end of the section, thereby causing a curved nature of the form created, without physically bending the steel members.

Through the additions, the steel sections will form a lightweight roof frame that itself acts as a structural component. The frame itself will encompass both the wall and the roof as structure, therefore eliminating the need for columns. A series of similarly placed vertical steel bars will form the entrance screen and also support for the cantilever of the steel frame.

The diagrams here describe the process of the steel sections addition in succession, with the roof being covered in patterned printed acrylic panels for lightweight purpose whilst allowing natural light to enter the pavilion.

Designed by U:phoria Architecture+Design. Principal Architect : Tan Wee Meng

Below: steel frame forming strategy

Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • Razif

    hey i’ve seen this before . it was shown during the singapore design week about a month ago…

    probably one of the highlights out of many projects …

    anyway.. interesting form play ..

  • kurosheep

    Something happens when we get websites such as dezeen, publishing product designers designing buildings and architects designing products. Sure, there is freshness in the interfusing of ideas. But when things get reduced to just visual stimuation, we get Florid Pavilions such as this.

  • john

    Are we still doing patterned printed acrylic panels?
    even for Singapore, that’s bad and has been done to death.

  • jameson

    A very classy & elegant approach which runs counter to the mass of “blobitecture” or organic forms that are sprouting all over the place. It’s like a calmer or zen version of Calatrava’s architecture.

    I particularly enjoy the architectural strategy behind the form, and which shows that simple components can be devised into a rather complex form through a systematic and discipline approach.

  • r.n

    I’m troubled by the pattern cover vs. the stucture relationship…it’s like there’s just too many ideas jumbled together…harder on the eyes…

  • yw

    I agree, I think the floral pattern has stolen away the limelight from the very interesting form and in a way both are fighting for attention. I feel it would’ve been a more focused design if the steel panels were left as they are without ornamentations.

    On top of that floral patterns have just been too overused in Singapore already.

  • dasdas


  • rodger

    yep, i agree, nice structural work. poor application of a decorative idea.
    way too facile. it doesnt make sense and makes one wonder if the structural idea was lifted from some one else’s project.

  • aut

    i said it about the other project and i say it again,
    poor adolf loos turns over in his grave.

  • Bozo

    screw loos

  • Nisa

    If this structure is really built, the real essence of design will be lost, especially against the cramped buildings that are in Orchard Road. Orchard Road is so congested with so many traffic, be it humans or vehicles…and especially when they are going to build it in that corner, it just makes the structure look out of place!

  • this is very nice as well as so different