More images of Polish pavilion for Expo 2010


Shanghai Expo 2010: Here are some more images plus plans and elevations of the Polish pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

See our earlier story for more images and information on the project.

The building is designed by Polish architects Wojciech Kakowski, Natalia Paszkowska and Marcin Mostaf.

Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • aut

    adolf loos turns over in his grave.

    • bob


  • mvb

    The pavilion is like a cutout but the pattern is not continuous…so I think the idea is contradictory. Besides, the section and the floor plan is quite simple. In my opinion it may be better if all that “folds” had shaped the program inside. Definitely this cutout is only like a shell.

  • me

    mvd; I’m sure you’ll find (on closer inspection) than the pattern is indeed continuous. I do however agree that it is just a shell for a more pedantic program.

  • floyd landis

    Instead of the ARCHITECTURE section call it VACUOUS UNBUILT CRAP.

  • tm

    just remind me some contemporary sort of beauty womans – nice envelope, but almost nothing inside,,, anyway, nice pictures, nice ilusion…

  • roadkill

    ‘fak y’ll on about…. i get more satisfaction at looking at some Marta Stuart interior… this is crap, stop posting this garbage here!

  • DJ

    the ‘cut-out’ doesn’t work. :/

  • Don

    Maby this project is not fresh -the ‘cut-out’ style started ca. 4 years ago in design- but I think, this building won’t look in reality like on those renderings. This conceptual project is a fake. The whole illusion will stay unfortunately only on posters. In my opinion it will be extremely hard to achieve such impression in reality.I’m afraid of final look of this building which can be a disaster…

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  • I think you are all wrong, it’s cool.

  • Michal

    I am afraid authors of above comments do not understand what pavilions on Expo are built for..
    More info about this project:

  • Lee

    i’m loving it … whatever you guys say about it..