Movie: Gyre "The Swirl" by MVRDV


Dutch architects MVRDV have sent us an animation of Gyre, their recently opened retail centre in Tokyo, showing how the building's volume was generated.

Gyre, also known as The Swirl, is generated from five identical rectangular floorplates that are rotated on a vertical axis and then trimmed to fit the site on Omotesando street in Tokyo. See more photos of the completed building in our earlier story.

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  • Fascinating and elegant animation… exposing the secrets. Love the animation and the result of the concept. I only hope the building’s not in a particularly windy location.

  • john

    Considering it’s MVRDV, the building will probably pretty spectacular. However, the animation pales to that of OMA’s Louisville animation done by Brookyn Foundry.

  • J

    Nice to see the blue foam back in the movies.

  • xungila

    random architecture….sometimes it s better not to explain the designing processs…..

  • mwe

    Uh oh, another ‘stacked boxes’ phase.

  • j

    what designing process?


  • floyd landis

    I think Art Van de Lay did a similar project, and it didn’t take that long either.

  • Emmet Hart

    I hear Mark magazine is featuring this building in its next issue. Should be out 1 February. Look out for that.

    BTW, some of these comments sound really jaded. Could it be we’re being desensitized by too much information as a result of all the blogs? I can imagine someone finding three projects featuring ‘stacked boxes’ on one day, can get tired really quickly of this type of architecture.

  • Impressed to see anything like this actually realised. Followed through thoroughly and accurately, assuming that animation was done before construction…? What a labrynth of process and man hours. Someone has to set the bar, even if the bar isn’t what everyone admires.

    Do a special on the details Dezeen. More about the process!

  • DJ


  • j

    i’m not jaded. that animation is useless. it might end up being a ‘fresh’ building. but, i would say that the animation reveals nothing about any kind of coherent process that any of the rest of us could learn from. it looks like they had a summer intern doing an animation tutorial and gave her some fodder.

  • roadkill

    The real thing kicks ass… MVRDV are back on form

  • xearo

    it’s really rubbish!
    mvrdv are great – completely hit and miss tho
    even if this building does have a coherant rational process this animation in no way illuminates it-
    i agree with the above comment (‘nice to see blue foam back inthe movies)

    + it looks like mvrdv have gone back into their ‘shit’ phase

  • dj

    swagger is not a must,….its a liability.

  • Jon

    A few jaunty angles don’t stop it looking like a dull government building. Oppresive and claustrophobic. And all those steps look like a chore.

  • art

    I always want to pretend to be an architect to pick some chicks….

    p.s. let us bluff some more