Weave Your Lighting by Kwangho Lee


Weave Your Lighting is a project by Korean designer Kwangho Lee that is inspired by memories of his mother's knitting.

Below is an explanation of the project from Lee:


The biggest inspiration of this lighting is my mother's knitting hobbies during my childhood. Her knitted sweaters and gloves remind me of the good days of my childhood. I saw the neat pile of electric wires as yarns and soon decided to knit (weave) my own.

Rather than knitting with needles, I developed a new way of weaving the rubber but solid wires into long, scarf-like or brush-like form of lighting. They are weaved by one long wire, which varies in length-from 10 to 300meters.


Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • the frog

    If this is all knitted with a single electric wire, this is a serious hazard! It can overheat and even catch fire !!
    Be aware my friend.

  • K. Rimane

    @ first picture. Find it quite repulsive even when i’m not thinking of hair. As for the rest, although i find some of them very nice, I tend to agree with Frog. it could be dangerous especially if you happen to have pets at home.

  • razif

    err… reminds of more of the scary korean movies instead ….

  • Sam

    Oh my god, inspired by memories of his mother’s knitting? She must have been terrible!

  • to answer to frog&K.rimane, eventhough it’s all made out of single electric wire, it’s not dangerous at all. I have researched and tested it out with factories where I order the wires and also use bulbs of very low watts.

  • I’ve really got to stop looking at so many design sites.

    So many design schools. So many graduates each and every semester. Each looking to make their mark… at any cost.

    I propose a moratorium on all things ‘designed.’

    What do you say? One year off? Just one. How about one week?

  • xie

    i’d like to point out that this technique has been employed in many of tim hawkinson’s pieces way before this.

  • Kwango!

    Good on you I say !!

    Its innovative, out there and people are reacting to it!.

    Tho I hope you dont mind me saying – the last pic looks like my hair being pulled out of the bath plug!:-)

    But don’t let that discourage you!!

    Keep up the good work:-) :-)

  • Putting aside the fact this functions basically as a light, it sure looks great as a sculptural art in itself.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Kwangho and visiting his studio here in Seoul and I must say that he’s very talented. He’s doing some new with everyday materials, materials that we usually try to hide. I think they are wonderful sculptural pieces. Anything is better than a simple floor lamp with a lacy design that’s being pushed in your face these days and being called “Art”. I had a great responses on my website to his work both here in Asia and abroad. Keep up the innovative work, Kwangho.

    Felicia Shelton, Photoographer

  • togon

    Did anyone find my wig? I seem to have misplaced it. What? It’s on fire?

  • I’m inspired. Lovely, lovely work. Congratulations Kwangho.


  • Q

    A little extravagant, but nice.

  • Ren

    Arik Levy did the same project not so long ago, but his approach was less intricate.

  • charles

    what the fcuk is this?

  • maumi

    dese he knows ariklevy?
    pitiful artwork :<

  • I am appalled at how people react to someone’s creative work. I think it is subjective, and if some one does not have any constructive criticism, they should refrain from commenting. Kwangho, I dont think you should be too bothered. Nice exploration,

  • Dong-Eun

    I’d like to ask about your work urgently.

    Please reply as soon as possible to my e-mail address after u check this.

  • LAR

    Arik Levy!!!

  • yoojung

    NNNNNNNice stuFF!!

    i like his design!

  • mav

    Koreans are getting better at copying !!!