Lilium Tower in Warsaw by Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid Architects are having a busy day: the second project the office has announced today is Lilium Tower, a 250m tower for Warsaw in Poland.

The project follows the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, which was unveiled a few hours ago.

Here's a bit of text:


The Lilium Tower, the winning design for a proposed addition to the Warsaw skyline has been announced by the client. The design is a light, transparent structure with a strong sense of identity and character.

Rising to a height of 250 meters, the tower’s slender form complements the Palace of Culture and other towers nearby, creating its own distinctive profile within an emerging cluster of tall buildings. The tower has a gross area of 130 000m2 consisting of luxury residential apartments and an apartment hotel.

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  • pop

    it must be a busy day for zaha hadids office… but i wonder if zaha is hearing sounds in the back of her head saying:

    … i am corporate…corporate… but Chic corporate

  • Tyler

    One of my faves about Zaha projects.

  • Marc

    Why do we look at another Zaha creation where it’s alle the same…

  • kevine roblero

    el diseño se observa muy fragil… y le falta un poco d concepto…
    en mi opinion ubiese kedad un nucleo d cristal… para. poder optimizar .. eljuego d sombras en los boladizos y realzar los marcos ke se observannnn….

    yo puedo mejorar tu diseño

  • Ben Schiendelman

    Not only is it all the same, but that’s totally pedestrian-unfriendly. Poor design.

  • fBot

    Zaha is a brand

    and is somtimes convincing

    but not this time

  • It looks more like a government architect doing a Zaha as opposed to a real Zaha.

  • john

    Hasn’t Warsaw suffered enough?

  • chahdch

    wtf is that plaza

  • huwt

    future systems did this scheme better 12 years ago. Theirs was zero carbon and had pink bits in it.

  • g5

    it is already called the TAMPON in Warsaw

  • razif

    err….i think you guys are being a little too judgmental before looking at itfully.. don’t you think..? (*Antiheroes…. ?) Plus, it didn’t even provide plans and sections of how it works…

    anyways… i think its great to see it in a different kind of light.. this is a little subtle part of Zaha.. reminds me of the Mies ideology with Zaha imagery ..
    Call it what ever brand or anything … I think she is the epitome of future architecture … pushing technology boundaries with fantastic architecture…

    Now that some people are anti-zaha.. it gives me all the reason to like he work even more.. hahaha (*jokingly.. i’m sure.. )

  • pop

    i think we can add this monument to the Mies van der rohe glass skyscraper in Berlin and to the H&M library in Cottbuss.

    refer to

  • Morais

    Hadidn´t like this too…!!!
    She is following Calatrava steps: boring, boring, boring…

  • r

    not even one single tree?

  • (((0)))

    cool! fantastic! terrific! stunning! wonderful! go on like this zazzà. Maybe we’ll get rid of you in a few years…

  • Curvy

    All these curvy buildings… come on! Do we really want to see cities with stuff like this? In reality, in the world we actually live (and not in the 3dmax or rhino 3d view), this is HARD and crazy expensive to build. There is no need whatsoever to do stuff like this. There’s actually way much simpler ways to make soooooo much more. All these CG generated shapes are just the construct of egotistical architects, not committed to the profession in a truly social way and ignorant of the necessities of the city.

    (I’d love to be in one of the meetings where the guys at Zaha talk to the client about budget and how economical this will be given that all 10,000 glass panels are different from each other…)

  • Renee

    I think it’s a quite elegant addition to the Warsaw skyline.

  • I’m more distressed at the surrounding hi-rises that planners decided not to put windows in, looks like Poland’s over aspiring to western traditions – have they introduced window-tax?

  • Raffaella Ce

    Why in Warsaw…this architecture hasn’t any context, it’s only a design product …making money!
    In Warsaw…may be better the Sovietic “Cultural and educational building”!

  • andy

    exactly, Curvy. she immediately dates herself too. can’t wait to see what this looks like in 15 years.

  • Nomorezahaplease

    The Lillets Tower

    Love it. It’s both vaginal and phallic at the same time. Talk about layers of meaning!

  • Curvy

    Vaginal and phalic! Jejejejje! I had to admit this made me laugh.
    As if you had to do a US$120,000,000 metaphor. Whooops!

  • togon

    Is this the next HQ for power puff girls?

  • kupukupu

    Apart from the fact that the whole thing
    looks a bit familiar. Did anyone of you
    see the competition entry of the
    Busan World Business Centre by UN Studio
    in 2006?

  • jinx

    This is again blue tower in Warsaw… all of high buildings looks like shower. Not bad design but borring..

  • Jelle

    can somebody push the “STOP” button?

  • bald skull

    those renderings give me a hard on.


  • Wow another copy of a “Future Systems” design very original . . . .NOT !!

    wanna see ?
    surf to:
    and look at
    “226 ZED LONDON 1995”

  • floyd landis

    She must have a huge penis!


    i don’t know what every one is complaining about… warsaw looks very clean.

  • this vicissitude in warsaw`s sky line could be Attractive.

  • maggie

    Extremely elegant!!!

  • ct

    it looks like butterfly on plan,perhaps flowers!…..cactus in 3d..smooth organic and diffrent from the context..outstanding and bold but yet highly individualistic…..she’s only represent a normal human being..

  • susan


  • Evie

    London’s got a gherkin, Warsaw will gain a tampon :(

  • LuKa

    Come on, It’s ‘Lilium Tower’ because it sits in underground silo for most of the year? Appears only for Polish State Holidays, Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. Tell me it is true Zaha!

  • AB

    looks much better than surrounding buildings in the center. The Lilium Tower is supposed to be competition for sharp, soc-realistic and stalinist Palace of Culture.

  • Poland, WARSAW!!!


  • Chcht

    It seems it is very much en vouge to critisise Zaha these days… The building is simple & elegant and it is difficult to see how it managed to become a target of such violent critisism and mockery.

    Dear Raffaella Ce: Rarely are the skyscrapers contextual. Zaha’s office has an anti-contextual label but – for goodness sake! – try to put some thinking and objective judgement into your review. Important thing to keep in mind is that commissions of this kind are meant to be generators of the “new” in their surroundings. Should London be ashamed of its Gherkin or Lloyd’s (to name a few)?

    At this point I really less care about the design itself than this irritating and thoughtless slagging off. What we witness here is self-proclaimed experts performing publicly a verbal masturbation.

    Guys, I’m sure you are more grown up than this.

  • Lucy

    This is great – in particular how they deal with the ground floor and avoid a podium. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • giuseppe terragni

    someones let mies skyscraper in berlin at open air (54° degrees at the shadow) during last summer?

  • Ian

    Does anyone know if this project has been affected by the economic crisis? Are they still proceeding as planned or not?

  • gosia/waw

    it has been postponed due to the crisis and hopefully gets canceled eventually.

  • Jack

    I don’t like it too much. looks more like Dubai projects. like a parking lot. they should try new ideas for poorer parts of Warsaw instead of packing everything in the centrum. needs to blend with Warsaw’s environment and needs to be improved.

  • Jack

    doesn’t match. needs to be more complex to reveal Warsaw’s culture and identity.

  • Rysiek

    It doesn’t fit to Warsaw zoning plan and culture. I live in Warsaw and don’t accept skylines, towers and others more than 200m – we don’t need another WTC and 9/11.