Canasta by Patricia Urquiola


Designer Patricia Urquiola has designed a range of outdoor furniture for B&B Italia's Outdoor Collection.

Called Canasta (the Spanish word for basket), the range is inspired by woven patterns and the geometric shapes of Vienna straw.

The collection includes seating, loungers and tables.

The seating pieces are woven from 30mm wide polyethylene plastic fibres in bronze and white. Cushions are made from tough fabrics designed for outdoor use.

The tables are made from varnished steel and topped with ceramic tiles.

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  • Damn what a nice concept

  • wooooooooooooooooooow stunning

  • Nuno

    Great work.

  • Fran

    Where I’m from – South America – old people do this stuff at a smaller scale to do hats, chairs and stuff. We call it ‘mimbre’. It’s nice that Urquiola worked with the same concept exploding the scale. How much is it for one of this?

  • bald skull

    dope stuff

  • john

    patricia urquiola has done it again.
    never fail to inspire. appropriate forms for each furniture
    and good use of fabric colours and materials.

  • SkyZheng

    We are iidea Creativity Design Magzine,and we are interested in your design work. Could you give us your introdcution,your work and the concept of design? After we publish the information about you, we will send magzine to you. Waitting for your feedback, and wish you have a good luck.

  • There is one missing piece in these photos that I like especially – the Canasta version of Lady Fat small table:
    As if with each new design Urquiola is following one grand project that embodies her design philosophy.

  • bing lee

    unique inspiration,

    good artist ,’copy’ ; great artist , ‘steal’.

  • stunning work.. what is it about PU that means that she gets it right most of the time? Her work almost always seems so evenly balanced – the concept, the materials, the end use, the scale and dimensions, the humour – everything sits together so well and is a pleasure to look at and appreciate. Love her!

  • Similar designs? take a look this site…

  • Damfak

    It’s just beautiful to see the designs from Patricia.
    It’s nice that this forms, very familiar to Latinoamericanos, are used in an unspected way.

    Plus the fabric its just HERMOSA!!!!

  • susangrantlewin

    It’s been way too long since someone had an original idea in outdoor furniture. This is long over due. Bravo!

  • Sergio

    Fran, en España también se le llama mimbre. No creo que sea una tradición exclusivamente española o iberoamericana, se puede encontrar artesanía de mimbre fácilemente en casi todas partes.
    Un saludo

  • nono

    a feeling like staying family