Richard Meier for Pierre Junod


Swiss watch brand Pierre Junod has launched a new design by architect Richard Meier.

The watch has a sapphire crystal, 316 L stainless steel case and an ETA Swiss quartz movement. The 12 squares on the face and the hands are visible in the dark.

See our earlier story about Pierre Junod watches by Mario Botta and André Ricard.

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  • laru

    not to be snarky (since we’re all going to the kinder, gentler dezeen), but if this didn’t have richard meier’s name on it, would we be talking about it at all? what’s unique about this? where is the actual merit beyond the signature?

    i’m actually pretty indifferent to the whole ‘cult of personality’ thing going on in design these days, but the work still has to be worthy. for me, this doesn’t quite measure up.

  • fBot


  • Stanley K

    Well I do think this watch is cool. Quite subtle yet clean & logical details.
    I certainly would want to own one…

  • Andrew

    Meier wouldn’t put a signature on one of his buildings would he?

    I guess he knows it’s not that original.

  • hedior

    im looking for a minimal clean watch like this style. anyone know any other cheaper alternative?