dezeen loves... Marc Owens' Receipt Clock

Post-graduate student Marc Owens has designed a faceless clock that prints the time and date on a paper receipt.

The Receipt Clock takes the form of a wall-mounted machine with a single button which, when pressed, prints on paper from a roll and delivers the receipt through a slot.


The user then tears off the receipt, which also has a series of printed lines that can be used to write messages relevant to the particular moment.


"Whether it be on a bus ticket, auto bank statement or shop receipt, the presence of the printed time and date are all consistently featured," Owens says. "I am interested in how this documentation of a specific time and date can be applied to time keeping generally. This product allows for a more private interaction with time."


The clock shown here is a prototype; Owens says the first complete version will be ready in the next few weeks.

Owens is currently studying the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London.

His OCD Light Switch (below), which records the number of times it has been switched on and off as an aid to people with obsessive compulsive disorder, was one of the highlights of the New Designers showcase of graduate design work in 2004.