Voxan Café Racer Super Naked by Philippe Starck


French designer Philippe Starck has designed a motorbike for French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan.

According to Motorcyclists Online, it's a prototype and it's called the Café Racer Super Naked.

More information to follow soon hopefully but for now here's some images.

Update 01/02/08: Here's some info from Starck's office:

"VOXAN the exclusive and unique French motorbike brand presents its new extreme vision of the café racer. With the “super naked Xv”, Voxan by Starck. Raw power enhanced by the radical purity of the minimalism. The absolute essence of the motorcycle. 1200 cm ³. 140 horsepower 180 kg. Order on internet. Available beginning last quarter 2007."

Photographs by Thomas Duval.

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  • Nuno

    You gotta imagine on your head Starck saying with that accent: “Café Racer Super Naked’. HAHHA

  • Viv

    That just makes me hot

  • Gunner

    That is one ugly bike!

  • Nido Umali

    I’ll sell everything everything i had to have one like this….its one of the hell i ever seen…

    Can you PM me for more details of this bike… i appreciate if you could send me more pictures to be place in my room…This is my Dream Bike!!!

    You’ve done great!



  • Eric Luyckx

    en fin du neuf dans l’univers de la moto. l’aprilia était décevante. ici on a un nouveau concept, un peu comme la katana il y a… quelques années hein

  • Starck a beau aimer es motos, mais les dessiner c’est vraiment pas son truc.

  • i love the lines of the bike.. and i can imagine sitting high on this thing must feel beautiful.. it has been out for a while now so there is a lot of info out there…
    in fact i posted it on dec 23…. DEZEEN… where were you??? haha i have a couple other photos so peep.. dailydesignspot.blogspot.com
    have a great day everyone!

  • daas

    so nice I wish there were more sexy bikes like this

  • phone

    Mh, I don’t know…

  • AFP

    El diseño es realmente impresionante, es una pieza muy lograda, pero donde se supone que pongo a mi novia..?

  • Tyler

    definitely Philip kicked ass again!

  • Joe

    Looks like a painful riding experience.

  • Just looks like it would hurt to ride.

  • Awesome!!! Very nice Motorcycle…

    But, As AFP tells us…where I put my girlfriend? hahaha


  • Andrew

    Hmm, I dunno. Naked bikes tend to go fast, and it doesn’t seem like the gas tank is very ergonomic in terms of being able to get your body low over the frame.

    Looks great though.

  • Pete S.

    Anyone know if Starck is a motorcyclist? I’ve been riding for years and the first thing I thought was, “Ouch.” But hey, I guess this is more for parking and less for riding.

  • ulrich

    that’s a new concept upon motorbikes … it’s cool as an experiment, I admire it, but not so shure that I will buy it :D

  • abdulqadirabas

    wow!..I love it so much!..a looks of a crossover project between bad boy image and minimalist furniture..I like the simple statement of white simple cross in front,swirling lines on the saddle,bold tank and everything i guess..ha..ha.. LoVe yoUr’s StaRck!

  • qual preço desta moto? vem parao brasil? posso importar

  • Robert Haines

    Sorry, but that’s flat-out UGLY. What’s with the bluff slab of a “fairing” at the front? It makes it look like a Cushman Eagle from the ’50s, and that’s not a compliment. And the peak in the rear of the gastank — oh, that’s gonna be really comfortable to have poking you in the gut as you ride. And the stubby cantelevered saddle and stubby mufflers throw the proportions of the whole thing way off.

    It’s as if Starck took a fake Ducati and slapped the three ugliest imaginable elements on it (seat, tank, fairing). It’s typical design-for-design’s-sake bullshit from Starck. “Ooh — but it has ‘X’s on it!” Fail.

  • Zach

    To Pete S.: Yes, Starck is a rider. Every meeting I’ve had with him has been in Los Angeles and he has a bike. Not one of his own designs though.

    I personally love this thing! It does look like it would be painful to ride though.


    Hello, I am desperate to know, find out where I could find, buy Dungarees, Salopettes,Grenouilleres………! of Starck……can anyone help me.

    Ps: please e-mail me


  • Deepak

    I Like super naked Xv best for its muscular Looking & Power. I want to
    Take a test drive for feel it.

  • Ryan

    Admittedly I’m not Starks greatest fan, and I prefer not to leave purely negative comments, but this is a complete travesty against motorbike design. If ever there has been a case of overdesign to the point of it being grotesque then this is it.

  • Ivo

    nice bike. i like it.

  • Rei dos frangos

    do cacete… Com a breca… Que coisa bonita, parabens filipe.

  • Hot King

    PLEONASTIC…a moto is not a lamp or a vase or a chair. Leave those thinks at someone other

  • zuy

    View larger image

    Renowned French designer Philippe Starck says he is fed up with his job and plans to retire in two years, in an interview published in a German weekly on Thursday.
    “I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact,” Starck told Die Zeit weekly newspaper.

    “Everything I designed was unnecessary.

    “I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself …design is a dreadful form of expression.”

    Starck, who is known for his interior design of hotels and Eurostar trains and mass consumption objects ranging from chairs to tooth brushes and lemon juice squeezers, went on to say that he believed that design on the whole was dead.

    “In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant,” he said.

    Starck said the only objects that he still felt attached to were “a pillow perhaps and a good mattress.” But the thing one needs most, he added, was the “ability to love”.

  • Josh

    Thats an amazing motor bike design, I was just wondering around the site and started checking out the transport which I never check and seen this, it reminds me of the classic honda and the new BMW designs (just to compare but its beautifully unique). I see modern, post-modern architecture and design…then i seen the pic of Stark at the bottom…he really does great design. Why i never learned about him in University is beyond me, but I’ve been researching him myself and feel he truly is a great designer.

    Amazing job, would love one myself.


  • Niki

    I rode Starck’s Moto 650 for several years, no motorbike has filled me with such joy, I regret the day I sold it and want his new bike, get it in production, I know it will loose very little of it’s design in the making.

  • nice programme on bbc2 design for life. just to let you know that i am british and yes philippe stark rule’s!

  • It would be a very great loss to the world of design if Starck retired. he is a visionary designer, a one man design movement! I love this bike, it has a brutal beauty. He’s captured something of the elemental nature of motorbikes, the essence of why we ride them.