Posta-plast by Frost Produkt

Norwegian designers Frost Produkt have designed a super-sized domestic postbox that can handle the growth in packages due to internet shopping.

Posta-plast is a cheaper polypropylene version of Frost-Produkt's steel postbox, which last year won a design competition organised by Posten, the Norwegian postal service.

The post box is made from injection-moulded polypropylene and measures 406 x 292 x 193 mm.

Here's some information about the design from Frosk Produkt:


POSTA PLAST - Post box - by Frost Produkt

In 2007 Posten (the Norwegian postal service) required a new, larger standard of postboxes. This requirement grew from a need to accommodate the increase in online shopping and home delivery. They therefore opened a competition for a new design.

The renowned Norwegian design studio Frost Produkt won the competition with a clean, functional and modern design made out of steel. During the latter half of 2007 the demand for the steel box became so high that Posten asked Frost Produkt to design an economy version to strengthen their range.

The result was “Posta Plast”, an injection molded post box made from polypropylene and manufactured in Norway. The box has been designed to withstand the harshest Scandinavian weather, with a simple self locking feature to ensure that strong winds do not blow open the top lid. A small padlock can also be used to lock the inner lid, and the base has drainage holes plus an embossed grate that keeps your delivery away from any moisture.

The bends on the front of the lids enhance the usage and break up the flat surfaces. These bends function as handles and by using contrasting colours the different function of each lid is enhanced. The use of flat surfaces gives a reference to paper and letters.