New Stuff exhibition at the Johnson Trading Gallery

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Rather belatedly, here are some photos of the New Stuff exhibition held at the Johnson Trading Gallery in New York late last year.

Top image: Fauteuil Chair by Aranda/Lasch. Above: Quasi Cabinet by Aranda/Lasch, wood, metal and lacquer.

Other exhibitors included Max Lamb, Harush Shlomo, David N. Ebner, Joseph Heidecker, Steven Holl Architects, Shay Alkalay and Peter Macapia / DORA. The exhibition was open 13-22 December 2007.

Above: Camouflage Screen by Aranda/Lasch, mirror-polished stainless steel.

Above: Fauteuil Chair by Aranda/Lasch, cardboard study.

Above: Four-legged Diamond Stool by Max Lamb, cast pewter.

Above: Three Legged Stool by Max Lamb, cast pewter.

Above: Black Poly Chair by Max Lamb, foam and rubberised paint.

Above: Transfusion by Harush Schlomo, sculpted aluminium.

Above: Definition of Density by Harush Shlomo, sculpted aluminium.

Above: Lingerie Chest by David N. Ebner, Honduras mahogany.

Above: Photographic Chest by Joseph Heidecker, photo collage, wood, lacquer.

Above: Pair of Yearbook side chairs and card table, photo collage, wood, lacquer.

Above: Riddled Cabinet by Steven Holl and Nick Gelpi, ableflex laminate with walnut veneer and aluminium.

Above: Stack universal drawer system by Shay Alkalay, wood.

Above: Triangulated structural mesh generated using computational fluid dynamic particles by Peter Macepia/DORA, SLS manufacture process, duraform PA material, fluid: honey.

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  • Nuno

    The Photographic Chest and the Stack universal drawer system are amazing :)

  • Doh

    Are those the most uncomfortable looking chairs ever or what

  • K. Rimane

    very cool items. some aren’t so impressive i’m afraid.

  • Ha Kipodeem

    Damn Shay, never saw such a big stack before!

    Ani o hev ha yanshufeem ba ets aval ani cho shev al kof ba chof… ken ken ken!

  • Collage

    Hey, is there a section just for latest news