TV Easel by Axel Bjurström


Stockholm Design Week: Swedish designer Axel Bjurström presented TV Easel at the Greenhouse young designers showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

The design is one of three TV furniture concepts developed by Bjurström for home electronics brand Panasonic.

Here's a bit of info from Bjurström:


With the form of a traditional painter’s easel, the freestanding TV-rack on wheels is prefect for the open spaces often found in modern apartments. It is optimized for TV-sizes between 32-47” and it is adjustable in both height and angle. Material is solid wood, natural or lacquered.

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  • Jan

    i like it super simple.

  • Hope it’s not going to be more expensive than the TV.

  • Genius. If my wife would go for it, I’d absolutely do this.

  • Clifford

    Best piece of design I’ve seen in a long time

  • Johan

    Pretty sweet!

  • Tom

    I actually did this last year for my apartment with a 37″ LG 720p – my motivation was to have a place to put a small HTPC below the TV since I couldn’t mount either on the walls due to the restrictions on my lease. No wheels though and I used a router to make a groove in the rear leg to chase cables up to the screen from the PC. To fix the vertical axis (and reduce glare) I picked up two wood screw clamps and fixed the back jaw to a 24″ beam made from 1″ by 2″ then drilled and inset the collar bolt for a worm screw which feeds through a matching 8″ long 1″ by 2″ spanning the forward legs.

    Who knew? I thought this was old hat given how many LCD picture frames ship with flimsy plexi-glass easels for the desk, not sure if I’d be comfortable with doing the same for a set larger than 42″ though.

  • Simon

    Estimated price?

  • ummmmmm….can it be purchased overseas and shipped???

  • Stephen

    Looks great but what about all the connections hidden in the base of many LCD.They are not all in the back so do you have to actually drill the frame

  • Simon

    How to change the angle?

  • Billy

    Is it Art?

  • honest joe

    I thought the reasoning behind a flat screen was to omit the space behind the set??

    Though this idea looks very cool I’m afraid that it wastes space, shows the connection cords and is a step backwards towards the soon to be obsolete deep “tube” TV’s first made back in the 50’s. Plus the angle is off.

  • Bonzo

    let us all just agree that this is Bad Design.

  • Rob

    Very cool and unique. May be more functional if you could add wire management in the posts and maybe a lifting mechanism to adjust the height. Then you could adjust to watch while sitting on the couch or 20 feet away in the kitchen.

  • Any word on when this TV easel will be available to purchase in the U.S.? It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

  • nicole rifkind

    where can i buy it?
    i live in the US.

  • Love it – neat idea and surely to be replicated on a trade show booth near you soon! Screen-saver a half-finished paint-by-numbers and its done!

  • Cristina

    where can i buy it?
    i live in Spain.

  • cARLOS

    i live in Madrid. I want to know where can i get it?

  • where does one purchase 2 of these tv easels?

  • Jaume

    Im from Barcelona, Spain. Where can I buy one it?

  • alice

    This is very interesting…I am designing a new living space and do not want to dedicate a particular wall or furniture to a TV……to have something ON WHEELS that can be moved into place easily is a great option. The aesthetic of this easel isn't quite what I am looking for but the concept is great…keep going…there's a market….

  • Bob

    Somebody is selling similar on

  • renee joe

    Where can I buy one in the USA?