63.02° house by Schemata Architecture Office


Here's another project from Schemata Architecture Office, this time a house built at 63.02° to the road.

The house in Nakana, Tokyo, was completed in December and has a floor space of 71.4 m2

Photographs are by Takumi Oota. See our earlier story on Sayama Flats by Schemata Architecture Office.

Here's some text from Schemata Architecture Office:

63.02°is built on a built up area in Tokyo. This small building is used as SOHO and an apartment for rent.

This building is cut on the axis line inclined to a front road by 63.02°. The window in this building concentrates there. You can see the intersection by seeing the outside through the windows.

In front a splendid cherry blossoms tree stands. It is only fine sight in this building that is acquired in the center.

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  • stunning, but he must really hate his neighbour.

  • John

    No sense of comfort, enclosure, safety, warmth, refuge. Those rooms are goldfish bowls. esp those on the top floor, with the pitched soffit pushing u out towards the edge/ glazing.
    Only the most strange person would feel comfortable here, perhaps there are a lot of those in tokyo?
    Very strange way of responding to context, ie, not responding to it at all?
    Anyway, looks quite striking.