Suspended Figure by Ayako Maruta
at Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama


Architect Ayako Maruta has created an installation at the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo.

The installation, consisting of cables and lamps used on construction sites, creates a series of arches and columns suggestive of classical architecture, but suspended from the ceiling.

Ayako Maruta previously worked for Japanese architect Jun Aoki and set up Office Ayako Maruta in 2006.

Called Suspended Figure, the installation continues until 17 August.

Here is some text from the architect:



This space imitates the space of arches and pillars, the classic type of architecture, using cables and lampshades used in the construction site. Originally, the space of arches and pillars is built up from the ground against the gravity. But, in this space, the pillars that originally support the weight of the arches are suspended in the air. And these arches do not collapse if they are cut off in the middle because the arch- and pillar-like objects are just the set of the cables and lampshades hanging independently from the ceiling.

However people lay the common image of arches and pillars on this space. Therefore they feel the lampshades for construction sites as the decoration of the pillars, and feel amputated arches and suspended pillars unnatural. These feelings show us the strength of the images or fixed ideas we hold toward the common figure.

The cable and lampshade are the material inspired by denim. Denim derived from the work wear and has evolved into fashion item. And its history is the creation of new sense of beauty and value, like “decolorization,” “vintage,” etc. My proposal is another try to show the new sense of beauty hiding in rugged material.


Ayako Maruta
1978: Born in Niigata
2001: Graduated from the University of Tohoku, Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture
2003: Completed the Master Course of Architecture, tokyo national univercity of art & music
2003-06: Worked at Jun aoki & Associates
2006-: Established Office Ayako Maruta

2007: JID design award 2007 The Rookie of the year; Good Design award 2007

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  • Nuno

    I like this one!

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  • yung

    nice. goes well with Diesel style!

  • JuiceMajor²

    Nice…would like this in my apartment!

  • Not exactly low energy solution now is it? Another one for the list. Come the revolution…

  • This is beautiful against that hardwood floor.


    The revolution will be the overthrowing of all single-minded haters. It’s an installation, not a goverment sanctioned study of lightbulb exhaustion. Appreciate it or get over it.

  • tek

    Simply CUTE!

  • Very nice! especially with this wooden floor and concrete wall.

  • laima

    nice-super :)))))

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  • tasneem

    i didn’t like it!! sorry

  • johanirae

    Lovely. But you guys spelled the name wrong.

    It’s Ayako MARUta

  • SillyBug

    I liked the architetural vaults introduced into space as a “wire-rendering” effect.

  • ben ben

    i think its very effectivee

  • where did they buy the lights? were they expensive? were they completely custom? or semi custom? sources!