Maff Apartment by Queeste Architecten


Photographer Teun van den Dries has sent us these photos of Maff Apartment, a bed and breakfast attic flat by Queeste Architecten in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The 30 square metre apartment includes a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and living and sleeping space.

The following text is from Queeste architecten:


Maff Apartment

Maff Apartment is a “bed & breakfast” located on the third floor in the attic of a private house in The Hague. The client and owner lives in the same building. A communal staircase provides access to the apartment, which functions autonomously from the rest of the building.

The limited floor space of 30m2 has been equipped with the following functions: a sleeping accommodation for 2 people; a dining area for up to 4 people; a kitchen; a toilet; a bathroom with shower; an installations area; various storage facilities.

The goal of the design was to create a living environment that would be spacious despite the small volume, providing all the comforts belonging to luxurious contemporary lodging. In addition, Maff Apartment was to have a clear and strong identity to provide a sense of uniqueness for its users.

The various areas are grouped around a central open space, where one enters the apartment. The installations area, the toilet, the washbasin and shower are located at the rear (north-east) of the apartment. Brushing one’s teeth at the washbasin, one has a view of a central courtyard through a small garret window.

The kitchen links the two parts of the apartment across the central living area and is bathed in a breathtaking amount of daylight, which floods into the apartment through 4 large skylights.

Adjacent to the kitchen, a dining area has been placed as a continuous sofa encircling a table. The sofa continues into the so-called ‘sleeping-sofa’, the sleeping area of the apartment.

The strong identity of the plan was created using a very limited palette of forms and colours. Rounded corners were applied throughout to imbue the small space with a sense of softness.

The seamlessly poured anthracite epoxy floor was used as the basis for the plan, with all other surfaces painted white to bring serenity into this multiformed space.

The sofa is the only exception in this colour scheme, its pillows were executed in warm orange, alluding to the predominantly orange rooftops of the historical centre of The Hague.

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  • Arch


  • Micky

    Can we have some drawings, with all this visual stimulation???

  • Parker Hicks

    love. more.

  • Damfak


    Just Beautiful!

  • Bonzo

    A novel use of space can only be fullly appreciated if accompanied by a plan.

    Nevertheless, I see nothing special in any of this –
    “Brushing one’s teeth at the washbasin, one has a view of a central courtyard through a small garret window.”

    Windows? Hardly a revolution, is it?

  • Jillian

    beautiful, fresh, amazing, and inspirational.

    ditto on the comment above: love.

  • shapes

    hmm… far from revolutionary.. looks nice in photos, but me being taller immediately can see a broken head while cooking in that kitchen! actually I don’t see any standing functions proper below the attic˙s sloped walls except sitting or lying…but thats just me

  • not interested

    clever… maybe. depressing… yes. i just can't bring myself to tolerate such restricted living conditions. perhaps you only need half an apartment with half a brain. human beings are meant to be free and not meant to be shoehorned into the armpit of a desperate commercialists home. Although meticulously detailed and well specified, I hope the architects get bigger and better commissions from it rather than getting sucked into doing this rubbish for the greedy the rest of their careers. good luck.

    • Maggie

      I would just like to say that many people cannot afford to live in bigger spaces and therefore have to “suffer”, so I believe this makes a small space wonderfully welcoming.

      I bet you have a huge mansion bursting with space, but please, do not speak horribly of those that cannot afford such a luxury.

      Thank you.

  • Nuwanda

    Love it! It may not be revolutionary but seems very serene. I like all the little details.

  • sam

    looks cozy.

  • love the black floor – anthricite epoxy ! and white walls, next to concrete this is close to being my favorite … wonder how the maintenance on this floor is like … black gray or white … my favorite combinations!! thanks for an excellent post!

  • pmp


  • M. Yousuf

    Hi. its lovely to watch, a beautiful little appartment, but may not that comfortable as one with spacious room.

    I liked it.

  • T Roi

    Would like more detail on the anthracite epoxy floors.

  • Ali

    I love it!
    Fresh, updated, attractive, intelligent, reduced but complete.
    Romantic too: what we are supposed to be like!

  • edward

    Remember, it is a bed and breakfast. But I would love to have this as my flat though not a lot of room for stuff. It’s minimalist precision may be intimidating. Can’t be sloppy there. Great stuff!

  • Hala Hassanein

    It is really interesting as a new design for small space. Can I have some basic drawings of it?

  • Ann

    Clever use of space to create the seating area. Great for people passing through.

  • Hazz

    i think is pretty cool.. i really like it…

  • scr

    this is so GRAFT, even the same colours!

  • well…some more details on the floor would be nice.

    in my opinion the biggest failure of this concept is the missing mirror in the bathroom. ;)

  • pawan kinger

    Its more of a Proof of Concept on creating great living spaces in small floor area. Somebody would be dumb to make such a house/apartment in the country side but place like singapore and London where you pay ~800 pounds for spaces slightly bigger than these its a great design though not revolutionary.

  • Jan

    love to have drawings. it's tempting to imagine redoing the room i rent more like that. but i'd need drawings to see what whoudl work.

  • admin

    The thing is – this is a design for a design magazine.

    no person could possible live in that – any towel – if it is not white; any book if it is not white – any plate, any garment, any dress or any clothing whatsoever – as long as they are not white – will be such a bright spot, it will visually hurt.

    So… much as I like white.. no

  • admin

    And besides all this single color needs a item that would focus the attention

  • Greg

    Does anyone know if the shower walls were waterproof plaster or hardiglaze panels??

  • Nick

    Not so keen on beds that smell like cooking smells….

  • Amrane R

    This is a short stay apartment with a bed of 200×180. It is larger than a hotel room and a private entrance with intercom and private parking.

    The apartment is on stand height 45 meters m2. I have stayed there and it was really crazy. It feels really great.