Euclide watches by Michael Young


Michael Young has designed a watch for Hong Kong brand o.d.m. to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, which was celebrated in July last year.

Named Eclide, the watch case is punctured by twelve holes to mark the hours. The number 10 marked in red draws attention to the ten year anniversary.

The following information about the watches is from Michael Young:


To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) has initiated the “9707” project to honour the achievements and development of Hong Kong’s design industry in the past ten years. This “9707” project comprises three programmes, namely “Creation 9707”, “Image 9707” and “Design 9707”.

The collaboration project tied up by HKDC has lined up the currently most influential British designer Michael Young, with HK-based inno-trendy time-wear brand o.d.m. Together they have developed a stylish and innovative timepiece, named “Euclide”. The idea evolved from the concept of “spacetime”, since the watch uses negative space to tell the time. (Euclidean is an early theory used in the world of understanding space and time.) Twelve holes on the outer case substitute the use of scores on the dial face.

The dial face features a red coloured “10” at the 10 o’clock position, emphasising the special occasion of the 10th anniversary of HKSAR with the celebrative colour.

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  • Beware the watchband that is rubber…

  • Honggo

    The 12 dots on the panel ring drove me almost insane… …

  • Ren

    Not the same price but….give me the real deal, an IKEPOD !

    Too similar for my liking.

  • Jay

    I like it.

  • greg

    Agree with Ren way too Ikepod looking ! almost like a knock off

  • paul gion

    its not the first watch with a round metal face and rubber strap , ikepod dont own that , i love the holes , its nice , and i dont think you can compare them

  • mc bloomer

    a designer like michael young does not need to copy ikepod, well what do i know , he does some great stuff , the pxr5 watch was a revolution , i think this is pretty cool , don’t like the strap but the face is wicked

  • tiffany

    Great watch! Only for sale in HK or also the rest of the world?

  • alison

    i heard it is easy to get in hong kong and will go on sale in the milan salone ,
    i want one

  • desky

    I think Young does need to copy IKEPOD heres the proof, Ive always considered him as a less influential 'Marc Newson' and yes IKEPOD doesn't own rubber straps and metal faces, but the strap detail/catch is almost the same as IKEPOD just with a metal blocker added just not to be a copy. I think everybody can see where Young's influences have come from and that we can openly compare this watch to an Ikepod (regardless of price differences).

  • zuy

    i like the “black holes” around the time

  • alison

    id say there are as many good designs on youngs website as there are on marc newsons , probably even better and more unique, bikes , doghouses , folded paper tables and new typologies , any way there are 1000 watches already with that catch details made out of rubber , i think your so very wrong !

  • bint1

    That might be what you think but many don’t, I’ve followed Michael Young’s stuff for years and it never ceases to inspire me , don’t know about influence he he has created several new waves in designs since Ive been watch , are you from the US of A desky dude ?

  • desky

    I’m from Paris bint1

    Of course everything one says about design is subjective, thats what generates these passionate discussions.

    I personally appreciate the work of Newson to that of Young for infinite reasons and deem it to be of greater value with regards to originality and influence.

    When it comes to watches I believe that Newson has created forerunning iconic designs for Ikepod that all design literate people would acknowledge and respect.

    In regards to Young’s watch shown here, I feel that it is (unconsciously or not) just too similar to the work and efforts of Newson for Ikepod.

    This is not to say that Young doesn’t have talent, far from it , just that maybe this isn’t his best effort in designing a watch to commemorate the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule

  • felix

    anyone heard about MY x odm watch colletcion?