Euclide watches by Michael Young

Michael Young has designed a watch for Hong Kong brand o.d.m. to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, which was celebrated in July last year.

Named Eclide, the watch case is punctured by twelve holes to mark the hours. The number 10 marked in red draws attention to the ten year anniversary.

The following information about the watches is from Michael Young:


To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) has initiated the “9707” project to honour the achievements and development of Hong Kong’s design industry in the past ten years. This “9707” project comprises three programmes, namely “Creation 9707”, “Image 9707” and “Design 9707”.

The collaboration project tied up by HKDC has lined up the currently most influential British designer Michael Young, with HK-based inno-trendy time-wear brand o.d.m. Together they have developed a stylish and innovative timepiece, named “Euclide”. The idea evolved from the concept of “spacetime”, since the watch uses negative space to tell the time. (Euclidean is an early theory used in the world of understanding space and time.) Twelve holes on the outer case substitute the use of scores on the dial face.

The dial face features a red coloured “10” at the 10 o’clock position, emphasising the special occasion of the 10th anniversary of HKSAR with the celebrative colour.