Bouquet by Tokujin Yoshioka


Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will launch Bouquet, a new chair for Italian brand Moroso, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan next month.

The chair was developed following Yoshioka's installation at the Moroso showroom in New York last October, where he covered the interior with white tissue paper. See our earlier story.

"The concept of Bouquet evolved from the tissue installation that was held in the Moroso showroom in New York in October 2007, in which approximately 30,000 sheets of tissue were used to create a clouds-like atmosphere," Yoshioka explains.

"The new chair Bouquet uplifts the sitter as well as a flower bouquet does it to the receiver. The vibrant colors would evoke one’s remembrance."

The chairs, shown here with tissue paper seats, are at prototype stage and will be made from fabric when they go into production.

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  • zuy

    Nice bouquet from a japanese designer to a spanish designer Urquiola…both for an italian manufacturer moroso…
    I hope also japonese/ canadian Nendo will transform concepts or installations (see in dezeen this week ) in real products….
    Never forget japonese Umeda!!!

  • Exactly – a good variation of Urquiola’s designs for Moroso.

  • subs

    Not really feeling this creation, doesn’t seem to have the Japanese “lightness” that I appreciate.

    The top images remind me of cheap plastic flowers assembled on a Starck “Eros” base .

    I think its always very hard to work with/imitate natural references like “leaves” or “flowers” and make them look good.

  • it’s just wonderful!
    Yoshioka is the greatest designer of mood and feelings )

  • zuy

    starck has nothing to do with that! it’s also difficult to design a plastic chair…

  • Olly

    Looks like something you could buy at the Canton fair or find already in some rancid Chinese nail parlour.

  • yves

    what a dust collector. I might like this if it was not a chair. Initially I thought it was a desk lamp, that might be cool.

  • zuy

    i’m agree with yves nice but dust collector