Extra ID by Anke Weiss


Extra ID jewellery by Dutch designer Anke Weiss imitates the security tags attached to items of clothing in shops to prevent them from being stolen.

The pieces are made from sterling silver and include security alarm parts.

The project is a comment on the ubiquitous presence of surveillance and security systems in the urban environmment: "If you are being watched anyways, you might as well get the full attention!" says Weiss.

Weiss also designed the Bonsai Tree table, Love in the City concept and Packaging Lights featured in our previous stories.

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  • tarkovski

    that´s funny,
    I wear the security tag as well, as a jewellery,
    just in golden version

  • K. Rimane

    amuzing but what’s next ?

  • Frank

    This is so tacky! give me a break.

  • sayerazif

    50 cent will extra large in size… luckily Liberaci ain’t here to see this. hahahaha

  • zuy

    Anke Weiss is dutch and dutch design is everywhere “even in italian young design ” said Laviani ….is it too much?

  • Lebowski

    More importantly, where can I buy those grey trowsers with the cool pinstripe?