Leave magnets by Richard Hutten



Leave, a leaf-shaped fridge magnet designed by Richard Hutten, has been put into production by office furniture manufacturers Gispen.


The plastic leaves were originally designed for the office ceilings of the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam.


"Since it's a magnet, you can apply it to any metal surface," says Hutton. "I did my whole fridge with it. A sort of a bush."







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  • sam

    Petroleum product leaves.
    How “green”

  • FWheel

    That is rad…
    The only potential design flaw is that the magnets can notactually weigh down material to metallic surfaces.
    I can’t find them on the Gipsen website. But will return.

  • Nice. If only they were real living leaves. . .photosynthesis and all. . .

  • Arch

    so cute.

  • tommi

    Plastic leaves!!? im sorry, it is seriously & purely rubbish!!

  • zuy

    very green except the red one

  • eyeontheworld


  • Yaya

    I don’t get it…

  • zuy

    What else? nature in plastic ? algae twigs, leaves?
    “The nimble Algue element of bouroullec brother reproduces a delicate branching effect reminiscent of algae twigs. The individual elements are joined together, creating an airy and light structure that can be extended in all directions. The modular character offers many decorative and application possibilities. The amorphous design lets the room divider appear like a growing, natural object.”

  • zuy

    read the comments and this interview :

    “What people do you want to be acknowledged by? Do you want the public to say
    “Wow, this is the Domoor designed by Richard Hutten”?
    I want people to think “Wow, this is a Domoor!”. For me it’s not about people knowing that I designed it.

    Do you find it important that people appreciate your products?

    Absolutely, because my personal vision is embedded in the design. ”
    Richard Hutten

  • greg

    Bit kitsch and not poetic like the Bouroullec’s Algae twigs

    (per Tokujin Yoshioka http://www.dezeen.com/2008/03/10/bouquet-by-tokujin-yoshioka/)

  • zuy

    Originally Richard Hutten designed it as the ceiling for the offices of the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. Is somebody has photo of this installation?…Maybe i’s poetic too…

  • tiffany

    This looks like fun. What a fantastic way to get rid of these awful office ceilings! And the rest. Is it for sale already?

  • zuy

    i think it’s like wind in the leaves…. nothing

  • Ken

    Where can I buy them? I would like to see a picture of the bottom of the magnet.

  • zuy

    are you steel?

  • joe

    They will all look fantastic NEVER decomposing in the landfill they’ll be thrown into a few months after you receive them as an attempted cute little ‘designy’ gift.

  • Wow. Who pissed in everyone’s Cheerios? I don’t get all the faux angst. They are leaf magnets. Get worked up about world hunger or American beer if you’re going to get bent about something.

    Cute but seem useless to hold anything anywhere. Plus, with three kids they will end up under the fridge along with the dust and various other magnets only to end up in that landfill Joe mentioned. Oh well. I’ll bet the installation in the museum offices was pretty though.

  • Maria Cucè

    Vivo in Italia (al Sud); dove posso trovare le vostre foglie? Grazie

  • jordy

    get a life all of you. they’re great. stop hating

  • dan kanner

    i would like to purchase the leaves. how do i do it? i couldn’t find it at the site of gispen. dan kanner

  • thanks

  • LR

    I really want to purchase these for a client…please let me know how!

  • jaap

    They sell these leaves in a shop at the bergstraat in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

  • Leaves can be purchased on Gispen USA storefront. See link.

  • see in Satellite Milan 2006
    by ENSCI , a leading french design school (ex: Jouin, Crasset, Azambourg, Lehanneur, main employer Starck )

  • I found the designer of the cable leaf tab exhibited in centre culturel français de milan during milandesign week 06… his name :Denis Pellerin.
    and it’s was manufactured by Magis ( limited edition 5000 ex)

  • pepetourist

    bringing the outdoors in!
    smart, useful and with a sense of humour –
    unlike many of the people who have made comments on this product.

  • You can buy them in Holland at bijzondermooi.nl or Germany at magasin.de

  • You can buy them in Holland at bijzondermooi.nl or Germany at magasin.de

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  • They sell these leaves in a shop at the bergstraat in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

  • Shane Thibodeau

    I hope that these are being made with corn-sourced or other biodegradable plastics. Then it won’t seem like a contradiction. And they must be functional if I my company is to buy any (i.e. able to hold something in place).