Space Furniture installation
by voonwong&bensonsaw



London-based architecture and design studio Voon Wong & Benson Saw have created a cloud-like installation using polystyrene cups for the opening of a design store in Malaysia.


The structure is mounted on the exterior of the new Space Furniture showroom in Kuala Lumpur.


The following information is from the designers:


Space Furniture Showroom opening Kuala Lumpur

voonwong&bensonsaw have created an extraordinary cloud-like installation for the opening of the new Space Furniture showroom in Kuala Lumpur, the latest venture for this prestigious design retailer. The striking sculptural canopy has been created from a simple everyday object, the polystyrene cup, and plays with ideas that are the current interests of this practice, such as modularity, light and materiality.


The installation will act as a backdrop to the collection of bone china tableware, SETCAST, originally launched at the Yard Gallery, home to the Architecture Foundation in London. The collection is the result of a close collaboration between voonwong&bensonsaw and one of China’s most distinguished manufacturers of bone china, Asianera, based in Tangshan, northern China.

Together, the companies have developed a collection that makes the best use of bone china’s excellent light-reflective properties and also moves away from traditional decorative tableware to focus on striking new typologies that make a bold statement.

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  • Roberto

    Simple and poetic, well done !!!

  • zuy

    i’m agree with roberto….
    here it’s an installation by accumulation as Arman did in art
    question: how a canopy of polystyrene cups could be green? (see canopy of pp leaves by richard Hutten )

  • zuy

    i found it on web : there is ecological polystyrene now, so the clouds could be green….

  • very very beautiful imagery – as usual, a clever idea from this clever duo.

  • zuy

    it’s cheaper than bouroullec clouds, Hutten leaves canopy …. but for a collection of bone china tableware, it’s may be too cheap, too funny!

  • zuy
  • daft

    It’s sad that SPACE FURNITURE (au) could not find an Australian designer to launch their store, that might have been worth blogging.

  • zuy

    why nor in malaysia or singapore?

  • Ludwig

    architectural association inter 3 students already build a paper cup structure in 2005 , in my opinion, much more sensual more sophisticated assembly technique.



  • Arch

    i hope the paper are already used ones.
    talk about recycling, and making a statement.

  • Arch

    paper cups

  • Arch

    polystyrene cups i mean.

  • Tara Donovan did this waaaaaaaaay better in 2003.


    Gallery website: