Sakura Cafe by Klein Dytham Architecture



Klein Dytham architecture have created outdoor furniture resembling giant pink flowers for a cherry blossom party in Tokyo.


The seats and tables, set in a park at the Tokyo Midtown development, are made from polystyrene and coated with a urethane surface.


Mark Dytham of KDa explains: "About a month ago when we were thinking about where to have our annual cherry blossom party we got a call saying 'could you please design some furniture for an outdoor cherry blossom party' ? It was to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Mid-Town, a major mixed use development in Tokyo.


"One month from design to production and the furniture needed to survive two weeks and cope with thousands of visitors. Initial reaction - not a chance - But they said we could invite 300 friends for the champagne launch. So the problem of where to hold our cherry blossom party was solved - and the project a GO!"


"Large cherry blossom benches float down on to the lawn. Simply sculpted from blocks of polystyrene the seats and tables are coated with a urethane surface which spreads the pressure and stops people in kimonos from puncturing the polystyrene with their chop sticks!


"The blocks are shaped to give excellent back support."

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  • F

    oh , yes!

  • Lite

    Think Pink

  • michal

    great! 20 massive blocks of pink styrofoam covered in plastic, scattered over an expansive sod lawn, sponsored by the developers of a complex of sheer glass facade buildings, all in the name of the annual arrival of the cherry tree’s beautiful flower . . .

  • I wish they had been light and touched the ground like flower petals. . . .

  • i hear you michal.

    nothing better than a nice bento and bottle of beer – no need for anything else.

  • HE

    Obviously a less intelligent copy of PPAG`s brilliant polysterol-furniture ENZI in Vienna`s MQ, though still charming.

  • tom

    the design doesn’t look finished… i don’t know…
    maybe because it was for a specific occasion with a certain amount of time-life.
    maybe it’s not.

    i feel something unfinished.

    doesn’t communicate to me…

  • STrab

    Hu! I like this post! Pink, Japan, Spring time…

  • charles

    Doesn’t feel like Japanese “Hana-mi”

  • I like the grass bits best

  • This polystyrene coating technique has been in use in movie set sculpture since more than ten years. Depending on how thick you spray the coat of urethane it could last almost forever.
    I’ve heard of drilling barges made that way for the Niger river, they should be extremely resistant.

  • Brian

    Astrid and Mark,
    Flat planed faceted forms are not the best and ergonomic solutions for back supports!

    But nice overall shapes my friends!


  • Rinka

    so lovely!
    wanna go there.

    ‘sakura mankai’ni nattara motto sutekini naruto omoimasu^^