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Sakura Cafe by Klein Dytham Architecture

Klein Dytham architecture have created outdoor furniture resembling giant pink flowers for a cherry blossom party in Tokyo.


The seats and tables, set in a park at the Tokyo Midtown development, are made from polystyrene and coated with a urethane surface.


Mark Dytham of KDa explains: "About a month ago when we were thinking about where to have our annual cherry blossom party we got a call saying 'could you please design some furniture for an outdoor cherry blossom party' ? It was to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Mid-Town, a major mixed use development in Tokyo.


"One month from design to production and the furniture needed to survive two weeks and cope with thousands of visitors. Initial reaction - not a chance - But they said we could invite 300 friends for the champagne launch. So the problem of where to hold our cherry blossom party was solved - and the project a GO!"


"Large cherry blossom benches float down on to the lawn. Simply sculpted from blocks of polystyrene the seats and tables are coated with a urethane surface which spreads the pressure and stops people in kimonos from puncturing the polystyrene with their chop sticks!


"The blocks are shaped to give excellent back support."