[c]space Pavilion by Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang



[c]space Pavilion, a temporary structure designed by architects Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang, has opened in London.


Constructed in front of the Architectural Association, the design last year won a competition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AA’s Design Research Laboratory.


More info on the design and the competition in our earlier story.


Photos are by Valerie Bennett.




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  • brown_ie

    WOW!!!!….great proposal

  • poster

    great but 2 times bigger it would have been cooler

  • togon

    does it seldom rain in front of AA?

  • Yespmed Nala

    Yeah yeah, we know the rhino-laserC-assembly routine
    …Anything useful coming from the oh-so-advanced paperless architectural studios nowadays? Shouldn’t all these ‘design research labs’ be focusing on doing something actually useful like ‘design research work’ instead of doing useless fibercement clams?…

  • Tyler

    Breathtaking. I would love to see it in person.

  • bibo architect

    yeah .. i thought it will be bigger too.. but nice

  • loretta

    is it waterproof?

  • Chris

    Where is the spiral seating from the proposal (http://www.dezeen.com/2007/11/04/cspace-pavilion-by-alan-dempsey-and-alvin-huang/) ??
    Great structure and beautiful from created from those slats. Its flat pack IKEA architecture!

  • kur0yi

    fibrecement.. rööööhhh!!!
    i know what you talk about yespmed. or at least, i guess. i saw aa & itü ‘s installation once fibreous structues here in istanbul, and really i didnt get it ether. but come on.. show me that you have the scripting abilities of theverymany.net or just anything you did, that stands out? for me this is a very nice example outcome of design research and finding new ways of realisation. you have to practice that a bit, and so those things come to life. a bit of a bigger scale would make a better impression though..

    its easy to brag about paperless studios, but its simply that they do not perceive architectural/design work the way it was 20 years ago. there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • nana

    it’s ok…

  • eyeontheworld

    Wouldn’t streets look alot better if more urban planners utilised design concepts such as this ( a bus stop for instance ). Like, or dis-like its a step it the right direction – it has my vote.

  • blue

    Does anyone know how long it is going to stay there?

  • Kevin

    Glorified Gazebo

    I was in London a couple weeks ago. There is a problem with how the slats meet each other. The joint is a clumsy rubber block that detracts heavily from the form. A shape like this has to be perfect or it looks sloppy.

  • leandro locsin

    the most beautiful folly ever ! very advanced geometry… though the bracketing method is similar to zaha’s urban nebula, the splicing method of archaic wood joist is replaced by voids supported by scattered bracket points. impressive

  • Yespmed Nala

    dude, it’s not about scripting. Or is architecture being taught now at computer engineering schools instead of schools of architecture?

    Show me how you’ll take this technology and put people to live in it.

  • Great !
    I visited the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 02/08 and I was so amazed by its beauty. These pictures show the magnificiant of surface understanding and one simply can do nothing but love it.

    I see now that we can do anything we want. The only thing we have to do is to know what we want… thereafter the universal law of attraction starts functioning perfect. See more at my research page: http://www.debatcode.com

  • sc…


  • what is this macaya ?
    sculpture : nice
    Architecture: ???

  • michael

    and another movement/speed glorifying little structure.
    the first image is revealing…
    does anyone EVER question the notion that quickness=progress, speed=future????
    what is wrong with a structure that embodies permanence and time, and more to the point, that invites people to stay in and shelters adequately from the elements….

  • when the colored lens dims the glance one sees the things of one single color

  • Nick K

    too many L-brackets and bolts….goodluck putting it together

  • nyamonde Ramadhani

    Am so appriciate this kind of disign, wishing alll the best