Strata Hotel/extension to Residence Königswarte by Plasma Studio



Here are photographs of a second project by Plasma Studio, provided by photographer Cristobal Palma.


The Strata Hotel/extension to Residence Königswarte is clad in horizontal timber slats and was completed in November last year.


See Dezeen's earlier story on Plasma Studio's Tetris Haus.


The following information is from Plasma Studio:


Located on a steep hillside in the Italian Dolomites this new-built hotel has been developed as the interweaving of the free-flowing topography- indexed and organized by series of timber strips- and the serial sequence of apartment units perpendicular to it.


Skin organisation as strata

Since the overall shape was developed from the local planning guidelines, the linear distribution of units and the views and sun directions, it is a resultant of the constant negotiations among all these parameters as well as a topological answer to the picturesque typologies frequently built in the area.


From applying the logic of topographical mapping ie. the indexing of horizontal sections as continuous lines, the volume is formed as a series of strata that as an artificial entity maintains a dialogue with its natural environment. In addition these horizontal sections operate as control lines, enabling the generation of curved hyperbolic-parabolic geometry.


The bands surround the volume at different scales, peeling off from it, flowing into the landscape and blurring the boundaries of the building.


The balconies become in-between zones that negotiate the internal rationale of the apartments ruled by efficiency and the repetition of parts with the exterior as extension of the topography.





















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  • i just noticed that the name of the photographer is misspelled. it is Cristobal Palma, not ‘Palmer’.

  • leandro locsin

    this is such a beauty! the massing is well de-materialized. the inside and outside form is articulated and experienced by the user . the lines of the louvers and the planks are so expressive, almost directing the orientation of the body when inside the space. SWEET !

  • DJ

    nice bench.

  • james

    i wish i was there right now….

  • Very elegant and clean!

    A bit too “open” for a winter place but sits very nice in its current context.

    Hope all these wooden elements won`t get deformed or something with the years

  • K. Rimane

    WOW! Oh god, when will i win the lottery?

  • Fanky

    I love the sklight

  • brown_ie

    WOW!!!! good one Plasma!! so much evolve and mature project rather than your previously ones, I just love it, its well done, well design, is still you.

  • Frank-3

    Fantastic planar shifts in combination with a directional aesthetic. Beautiful in it’s complex simplicty. Well Done!

  • Chris

    This is SO awesome. Fantastic play of light and angles. Image 12 and all the interior shots – wow. Great work well done

  • g sid

    i like this as well as the other plasma projects in italy. however, i notice something about their work that i find a little unsatisfying, and that is my perceived disconnect between outside and in. the outside has these wonderful slats and expressive form, and although the inside does continue the forms to a certain extent, it loses integrity because it’s all draped in white painted gypsum board with a dearth of any interior detailing. i think this project would be sufficiently more powerful with a little more attention paid to connecting the outside and in, adding more texture and materiality to the interior.

  • jaybe

    their is such a lack of poetry, and the poetry enhances a space with its flavour of serenity. A house has a story to tell, every house, like the ones of the moutain dwellers deciding to embellish their homes.

  • oh, I want it!

  • I’m with you jaybe – this is such try-hard architecture. As though there is a formula whereby the more angles you have the better and more clever the architecture. I find it ostentatious and ugly with zero sense of place or people.
    This is work that is simply trying to be noticed. Like silicon implants.

  • Arch

    Eva Castro and Holger Kehne…..i’m not a big fan.
    Althoguh Miz Eva is really hot.
    This is still Hadidesque. “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one.”-thing

  • I love the interiors as much as the magnificent exterior.

  • Chris

    g sid – you’re right the interiors are a little white/plain, but i think the shadows coming into the interior from the slats and their interaction with the angles of the interior walls, and their reflection in all the glass (which also helps to connect outside and inside) does this pretty well, and is subtle and dynamic. Slats in the interior – combined with the above – would perhaps be too much??

  • MZ

    I totally disagree with jaybe an Emerson. Do you actually know the context? Geographical as well as cultural/historical? If you knew, you would not say what you said. A millenium old tradition of wooden architecture, barns as well as houses, articulated horizontality with long balconies, flat angle of roof are typical in this region. And when you take a look at the mountains and its wild angles you don´t ask why is nothing rectangular. This architecture has its root HERE. Here you deal with the real thing. Too bad that it has been copied and pasted in other contexts…

  • floyd landis

    All crappy architects should wrap their buildings in kindling, it saves us time. What will this look like in a year? Greyed-out and covered in spider webs and bird nests.

  • Judith

    This is a great house! This is the best house! It’s just the house I have allways been dreaming of! It’s my house. I love it. Many many thanks to Eva, Holger, Ulla, Peter and the others!!

  • this is such a beauty! What will this look like in a year? Greyed-out and covered in spider webs and bird nests.

  • Sorry Floyd, but if everybody thinks like you, all the houses and buildings we get will only be square or rectangular boxes. Cause only then there’ll be nowhere for the spiders and birds to hide, ha.

  • Inspiration from Vigilius Mountain resort designed By Matteo Thun?

  • Rahel

    A place to be: Great spot – and wonderful hosts.

  • splendid, fitting, way to go!!!
    greetings to Ulla and to all the others of course.
    Keep up the good work.
    I will have a look there myself,
    ciao, ciao.

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  • rishikesh lokhande

    “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one”
    -zaha hadid

  • Love the colours at the stairs!!!