Tetris Haus by Plasma Studio



Here's the first of two new projects by architects Plasma Studio, photographed by Cristobal Palma.


Tetris Haus, at San Candino in Italy, consists of five residential units.


"Tetris House is derived from turning very pragmatic parameters into a spatially engaging concept: multiple programmatic demands (five self-contained units, parking space and other covered exterior areas) have initiated two volumes," the architects write on their website.


"L-shaped in plan and section they are spatially interwoven as to produce a range of dynamic in-between spaces."


See more photos and plans of this project in our earlier story.


See Cristobal Palma's relaunched website here.












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  • Dana


  • yves

    very nice, although i’m not sure what I would do with that elevated space under the stairs???

  • eyeontheworld

    I wonder if, given the “credit crunch” i can get a mortgage on this???

    Excellent work.

  • blue


  • K. Rimane

    magnificent. some people are truly lucky.

  • JuiceMajor²


  • james

    eyeontheworld, i got 5 bucks. you wanna split the bill?

  • abyssinian

    I really like their work, everything seems so clean and thorough! The space underneath the stairs could be a great place to read books(its just needs some cushions).

  • Fanky

    Yeap, very nice indeed. I love built architecture.

  • JC

    Very nice, the stairs remind me a lot from christian pottgiesser interior design still


  • wahton

    love the stairs……nice work

  • leandro locsin

    amazing architecture, very beautiful, clear and uncomplicated. if there’s anything to be improved, the metal balusters is a bit lousy… if i was the detailer, i would use an herzog-like architectural mesh in copper or brushed ss to complement or contrast a stained wood plank.

  • I think I’d prefer one of the chalets in the background. This just doesn’t seem very homely to me. Nor sympathetic to the landscape. It’s one of those buildings that looks as though it has been designed in CAD: not in the head. I find the proportions weird, the kitchen dumpy and the whole approach unrefined and heavy-handed.

  • r.n

    Yes i agree that some baldy & de Meuron detailing would be nice.

  • eyeontheworld

    * James

    In todays climate, I know a bargin when I see one…… Hang on a minute….exchange rate on the pound…..£2.63…..ummm!

  • lightlight

    In just about any other context, this building would be very impressive. However, the third photo illustrates what is totally wrong about this design for that place. It is as if the architects designed the entire project from their desks in London. Thirty seconds on-site should have inspired a totally different sort of building, which should have taken its cues from the indigenous buildings around it. In the Hamptons, however, this would be pretty nice.

  • Maybe there is a mistake in the description: I think the house is located in San Candido, not San Candino. San Candido is a beautiful italian town near Austria (really near, I think it’s in the border between the 2 countries). Great place for mountain biking too!

  • hey

    does anyone have the clear floor plan, section, elevation something like that .

    please send it to me..please

    thank you