New work from Tom Dixon



Live from Milan: British designer Tom Dixon's new collection A Bit of Rough is on show at Superstudio Più.


New work includes Slab bench (above) and Slab chairs (top image and below), plus additions to the existing Copper and Mirrorball collections. See our previous story for more details on the A Bit of Rough range.


Here's some information about the products from Tom Dixon:

Copper table light (below) is a new addition to the existing Copper range. The Copper Table Light morphs design from the eponymous Fat Spot and Copper Shade. Its impressive demi-dome shade and angled base feature a prismatic texture allowing for maximum reflection of light.


Using a vacuum metalized film of pure copper on the interior of the light, the effect creates an enriched and softened light source.


Another extension to the existing Copper Collection, the Blow Pendant Light (below) is the first energy saving light in the range specifically designed to accommodate a low-energy compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). Inspired by the shape of a light bulb, Blow is also one of the first outdoor low energy lights.


Designed to allow the low energy light bulb to give a strong directional light through the clear base, Blow features a three quarter pure copper vacuum metallised film on the interior. Best grouped in a dramatic chandelier cluster Blow has been designed to bring further awareness to the use of CFL’s and to promote sustainability within design. It can be used as a pendant or on the floor.


A new addition to the Mirror Ball collection, the Mirror Ball stand (above) shows a new configuration featuring an array of various sized balls on a robust stainless steel stand. Tightly held in place with robust, industrial strength clamps the stand creates an extraordinary sculptural interior lighting ‘tree.’

The Mirror Ball, despite its slick, high tech finish, has an industrial strength heritage. Inspired by the lunar landing space helmets, the lamp is fashioned from high impact resistant polycarbonate normally used in bullet proofing and anti vandal applications, making it almost indestructible. The stand has capacity for up to 6 Mirror Balls, 2 of each size. The Mirror Balls are available in three sizes; 25cm, 40cm, 50cm.

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  • joe

    If I compare the chair to Michael Bihains moskito chair ( I would say, maybe Tom should think about retiring…

  • the mirror balls are amazing. Let’s render reality.
    cubism is out, roundism is in!

  • Raymond

    Tom Dixon hasn’t disappointed me for the last two year.

  • Honggo

    I found Mr. Tom like to mix existing products elements into his designs too, but not outdo their fathers’ products. this is the point.

    the designers like Mr. Naoto are not many in this world , I think.

  • bioz segundo

    NEW !?? mm this is justo to outdated for me

  • NC

    Joe> thats like saying a Enzo Mari should never have design “Box” because the Omkstak already existed.
    Look harder.