Pregnant Chair by Trent Jansen for Moooi



Milan 08: designer Trent Jansen's Pregnant Chair consists of a chair with a smaller child's chair stored in the frame under its seat.


The product was exhibited by Moooi at Superstudio Più in Milan last week.


"The Pregnant Chair expresses the beautiful physical and emotional relationship that exists between a mother and her child," says Jansen.


"The two are both completely reliant on each other emotionally, developing a truly interconnected relationship that is evident even in their physicality."


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  • wonderful idea!

  • john graham

    creepy. but in a good way. cast human reproduction in a new way for me.

  • Mark

    A clever novelty.

  • REX

    Ohhhh this is wrong.

    Nowadays design is so ****ed up that any idea, and I mean ANY idea, becomes the theme for a chair, a table or a building. Then people celebrate all this BS and we get stuck with these things that “represent” our time. Very sad and perverted this Milan furniture fair…

  • doobiedoo

    things that do not spend rest of life trying to get back in womb?

  • zhi


  • Marcus Des

    REX: don’t be too annoyed, you just know these pieces of s**t are overpriced and made in limited editions so they’ll end up in the homes of slaves of design where you won’t see them and in musea where you can ignore them.

  • mmm yar

    love it!

    trent jansen has got talent.
    the sign stool and topple lamp are awesome.
    but i am biased. he teaches at my uni.

    what is it made out of i wonder?

  • jacmatsuo

    yea, he is talented n brilliant! hahaha
    This chair is so cute! And awesome, like the rest of his designs.
    And those who thinks this is BS, i think u’re just jealous. hoho

  • charmaine

    if this is not XXX
    i dont know what else it is
    LOVEEEEEE. so cute
    instead of mindless replicating the same factory chunkchunk chairs
    the chair actually gives birth to babies

  • Ilg

    Awful!!! It seems as if the designer hasn´t had enough time to investigate furniture design. I mean, it looks useless and uncomfortable. And I’m not jelous; I’m just trying to express my disageement!!

  • mvb

    The clumsiest design and the most useless chair I have ever seen! It makes me laugh!

  • Ilg

    By the way, I think that Trent Jansen was completely drunk-with excitement, of course- when thinking of all this!

  • mvb

    I can’t wait to meet its grandmother to enjoy this wonderful relationship!

  • roman

    I can’t wait to see what mvb and Ilg had made by Moooi too! now that makes me laugh!

    quick – i’m sure you have another blog to comment on!

  • Jane

    I think it’s cut, it’s a piece of interesting idea, more than a functional furniture. un-fogetable.

  • mime

    Go Roman heheh.
    sad that people feel the need to bag out others design.
    being a mother myself, i think it is a truly beautiful design and something that i can feel a connection with. Isn’t this what Jansen and all designers are trying to acheive, when they are creating. This chair expresses humaness and relationship, it’s fantastic.

  • hayley

    Whats interesting about everyone’s comments, is a wonder if any of you have children? Or live in a small house? i am a mother, designer, and live in a small house and this idea is really interesting, i am constantly trying to find a place to store things. My daughter would love this, as would i. Perhaps it needs to be looked at a different perspective before it is written of as a piece of ***t.