63.02° house by Schemata Architecture Office
(with cherry blossom)



Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office has sent through some new photos of 63.02° house in Tokyo, surrounded by cherry blossoms.


More about the house, which is built at 63.02° to the road, in our earlier story.






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  • kudz

    ok, but the cherry blossoms are in the adjacent property :/

  • Can somebody tell what’s on the walls in the interior? Is it rough concrete or some finish?

  • andi

    uuuu! preety pictures! aaaaaaaa!

  • themark

    Could anyone actually live here? A glass walled “Zen” prison cell.

  • rodger


  • Abdullah Çıkrıkçı

    I think it’s a brillant project. If I go to this building,Iwill feel very well.

  • Will MacCormac

    Simply beautiful

  • Nice place only a few weeks in the year, when the cherries blossom.. Looks cold on the outside AND on the inside. Why would wood not be used to warm up the place a bit? I do agree with the prison statement; as perhaps a few prisons are more “homey” than this. Nothing spectacular. Just an oversizes shed, with sharp-angled windows and walls

  • bauster

    nice project, but the cherrytree doesn’t have blossoms in winter; eh?
    so then the building will not be so nice anymore….

  • doh

    wowwwwwww I really like this! I would love to live here.

  • bruno

    beautiful pictures, i agree, but i belive that this house isn`t a nice place to live becouse in spite of having those huge windows it is like someone said above a nice prison

  • Sander M.

    I like the entire idea that is based on the Yoshino cherry tree. Even if it’s one of the common types of cherry blossom tree’s in Japan. The look on perfection is only from late march to begin april. The thought of that everything is mortal combined with the minimalistical look to give it more magic attracts my attention.
    The building is an object on it’s own, it doesn’t need the surrounding environment to survive.
    I would be honnered to live here.

  • Morgan

    This building would make a great Frat House.

    Imagine beer-can Trombe walls stacked up just inside the plate glass windows.

  • hanji

    i like the pictures, but how could it be without the cherry tree?

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  • someguy

    @ Dariusz:
    If the blossoms were in bloom year round, then it would lose it’s power. Don’t you think?

  • LaCiel

    Does somebody know the address of this building?