Light Blubs by Pieke Bergmans



Milan 08: Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans presented several new project in Milan earlier this month, including these Light Blubs.


Part of her on-going Design Virus series, Light Blubs are hand-blown crystal light bulbs containing LEDs.


See our stories on Bergmans' Mirror Virus and Vitra Virus from Milan last year.


Here's some info from Bergmans:


You may wonder: What is a light blub?? The answer is simple: it is a light bulb that has gone way out of line. Infected by the dreaded Design Virus, these Blubs have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products.


Nevertheless, they seem to be enjoying their new free existences. They can be found shining across Milan during the Salone Del Mobile


The Light Blubs are a series of crystal lamps, designed by Pieke Bergmans, in cooperation with Royal Crystal Leerdam. The lamps are all unique handcrafted crystal pieces, equipped with leds by Solid Lighting Design.

The focus of Pieke Bergmans latest projects lies on creating products which are all slightly different, though they were made in a set process. The term ‘Perfect Imperfection’ illustrates the qualities that such a product can attain.

Through being slightly deformed and different, products become unique pieces and gather a very personal and natural character. The Light Blub is one of quite a wide range of products that are based on this conceptual principle, released this year.

Light Blubs
Series of led lamps
Color: white
Edition: 18 unique pieces
Dimensions: 20-70 x 10-45 cm
Material: Royal Leerdam Crystal
Lights: 24V Osram Power Leds, 7,5 – 15W
Gallery Design Virus
Via Tortona 12 / Milan

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  • Marcus Des

    Yeah! I love it! It’s definitely a gimmick but it’s in equal measures also functional and attractive. I like the sense of humor of the designer; “Infected by the dreaded Design Virus” goes for a lot of design gone bad but in this instance the result is worth being seen outside of Milan. Kudos.

  • slimfender

    I like the fact that the lamp is an LED! The milkiness of the glass is really eyecatching.

  • amsam

    Cool cool. I wish they’d mass manufacture these.

  • amsam

    Goes back to the days when Grand Central station in New York was built– the light bulbs themselves were so new and hi-tech (compared to the gaslights everywhere else) that the elaborate fixtures all showed them off.

  • Raymond


    I need the last one on my desk.

  • K. Rimane

    beautiful. i want one!

  • nana

    Absolutely beautiful!
    The best I’ve seen from Milan this year.

  • genial!!! é tudo o que o mundo precisa , inovação , poesia, beleza nas coisas mais simples!!! amei!

  • Jason

    How wonderful human being’s creativity!!!!!!!!!!
    really want hanging that LIGHT on my dinner table and
    enjoy your BRIGHT idea with my wife and baby ^^

    God bless your SHINY life ^^

  • jige

    i want this one!!

  • jeongmi

    bon idee!!!!!

  • lee zhong

    dear sir:
    nice to meet you,i am working for the logistics in shenzhen in china,and i still supper the blubs for other country.i hope we can cooperate about the blubs for E10,E14,and led so know the products in chinese are cheap.
    best regards

  • WTF


  • i love this site.