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Evolution by Nacho Carbonell

Milan 08: Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell exhibited his Evolution chairs at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.


The project explores themes of public and private behaviour and is meant to provide users with an escape from everyday life.


The collection includes three seats made from paper mache with chicken-wire frames: a chair with a cave-like bulge that a person can climb inside for contemplation (above); a public bench with a chamber at one end for an individual to escape into (top image); and a lovers seat to allow for both public and private behaviour between a couple (below).


Watch a video about the making of the chairs here.


The following thoughts are from Carbonell:



Living in an era were we are saturated of information at a frenetic rhythm, I wanted to create a refuge were you can escape and digest this rave in which we are submerged. This provides a moment of peace with yourself, with others or between others.


The material employed is recycled paper coming from excess information produced by our society. The paper has been separated by colours before creating the paste. This allows us to not only recycle the paper but also the ink it possesses.


Once the paste is ready it is applied over an iron frame covered with chicken wire of different textures. Depending on the pattern of this wire a unique paper texture appears.


In this first evolution edition there is three different pieces. The first is "one man chair", which incites personal thinking. "The bench" represents the crowds of the daily life and its attached cocoon is a door to escape from it. The third chair is called "The lovers chair" and it pretends to confront the two sides of behaving: private and public. It explores different ways of communication, it becomes a connecting tunnel.