Cappellini in Milan



Milan 08: Here's a selection of new products launched by Cappellini at the Milan furniture fair earlier this month.


Top image: Sharpei by Massimiliano Adami is a beech chair covered in folds of gobelin tapestry fabric. The name refers to a wrinkled Oriental breed of dog, the Shar-pei. Above: The Double Bottle dining table by BarberOsgerby follows their Bottle table from last year. It is available in white Calacata marble or black Marquinia marble.


New elements have also been added to the Sistema storage range by Studio Cappellini (above).


Nendo's coat stand (above and below) is laser-cut from sheet metal and available in glossy white or black.


Below: Cappellini Love by Stephen Burks


Burks says: "The Cappellini Love tables are a re-invention of the traditional papier maché technique that combines recycled shredded magazines with non-toxic adhesives and hardeners to produce an eco-friendly and sustainable revolutionary new proposal in furniture to be artisanaly produced in Africa."



These mosaic vases (above and below) are also by Burks.


Below: Stitch chair by Adam Goodrum






See our previous story for more work for Cappellini by BarberOsgerby and Nendo.

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  • Jodi

    beautiful! Just Beautiful!

  • JC

    after the Azambourg collection and Sharpei by Massimiliano Adami it looks like G. Cappellini is interested in products that offer new surface treatment.

  • Arch

    i ♥ “The Coat Stand”

  • lewe

    I want the coat stand! its great!!!

  • Bonzo

    Elle Decoration rubbish. With a bit of “Changing Rooms” thrown in.

  • tiffany

    cappellini lost it. Their booth in milan looked like an american furniture store, no taste, no class, no vision. They used to be my heros, now they are dead…….

  • zuy

    as Starck said ?

  • John Smith

    Has anyone seen this? From 2003.

  • phase2phase

    I was at Cappellini, NYC yesterday and fell in love with Adam Goodrum’s Stitch Chair, but after finding out it could possible be a “COPY”, I must say I’m really disappointed. We need Justice for Hee Weeling from Copenhagen, Denmark!

  • Adam Goodrum

    The stitch chair was a fully resolved chair designed many years before the design boom folding chair competition. In seeing Hee Weeling’s submission in 03 I immediately got in contact with him as I felt I had been plagiarised. He honourably agreed to stop working on the project. Originality is of the upmost importance to me. Please get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions.

  • Adam Goodrum is a designer with a great deal of integrity. I know this because I am a fellow Aussie designer and we work closely together at times. The Stitch chair was a fully resolved prototype back in 2001. There is a mile of publication to prove and support this fact.
    Adam is one of a few designers who has the guts to be truly original and not follow the fashion thats why he is in the position he is in. Not many people can claim a release with Cappellini in there life time.. But there will always be critics.

  • Pants

    Tiffany, I agree. An extremely uninspiring stand. The quality wasn’t far from the graduate show New Designers. Come on Giulio sort it out.

  • Reflecting on the NYTimes display of the Cappellini chair: Hinged folding design has been a subject of US Patents on wheelchairs for some time. See Coombs, 1993. As a developer of safe, usable wheelchairs I submit that the cross elements of the Cappelini chair develop serious pinch points with the opening seat in realistic operation. If you sit on a partially open chair and have your fingertip in the wrong place the chair will nip off a finger. Additionally, what prevents the cross arms from swinging in the forward and rear direction outside the seat elements when the chair is folded? By the way, an unprotected center-line hinge has the ability to trap midline body parts if, once again, one sits on an incompletely opened unit. I have done this! Ouch. See US Pat 7232228 for protective design elements in hinged plastic design.